Panasonic Lumix G7 Digital Camera Black Friday Deals 2022

Are you looking for Panasonic Lumix G7 Black Friday Deals 2022? This article will give you Cyber Monday sales and deals on Panasonic Lumix G7 4K Mirrorless Digital Camera.

Panasonic Lumix G7 Digital Camera Black Friday Deals 2022

The Panasonic G7 is a decent, smallish mirrorless camera for travel photography, though it’s short on features. This is a camera built around its viewfinder, and the viewfinder is a great size. It’s exceptionally well-built, too, with a large, chunky design that feels solidly constructed. The LCD screen is also large enough to be used for framing images, and it’s bright and clear. Despite its compact size, the Lumix G7 is a large camera and is heavy to hold and carry. The lens mount and controls are typical for a mirrorless camera, but the grip is very comfortable and ergonomic.

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With a viewfinder, the Lumix G7 is not suited for video shooting, but I found that the EVF was good enough for general-purpose shooting, and there is a switch to toggle between the viewfinder and the EVF. It makes changing the main settings, adjusting settings, and taking photos much easier, and the screen is bright and clear even in harsh outdoor lighting.


The Lumix G7 is a relatively feature-light camera, and its primary role is to take sharp, detailed photos in good light. There’s no in-body stabilization to blur the image when hand-holding the camera. Although the lens has in-body image stabilization, the optical stabilization is very effective.

The Lumix G7 doesn’t have a pop-up flash, but it does have an external hot shoe that accepts a Speedlite or an optional accessory flashgun.


The lens is high-speed and accurate, and it’s also reasonably wide and long, giving it good reach and a field of view similar to the larger Olympus OM-D E-M5 II. The G7 is compatible with Micro Four Thirds, Four Thirds, and full-frame lenses, with the widest-angle zoom being 14-42mm.

The Lumix G7 is an excellent all-around camera for general use and travel photography, and it has some useful features for these purposes.

We Liked:

On the plus side, it has a big, bright EVF and a responsive, accurate touchscreen, it’s compatible with Micro Four Thirds lenses, it’s well built and has in-body stabilization, and it has good build quality.

We Disliked:

It’s also missing the built-in Bluetooth ordinary in many of its rivals, and the NFC feature would have been a welcome inclusion.

It has some shortcomings, however, including a lack of dedicated hardware controls for shooting video and time-lapse, limited focus control, and slow autofocus.

Final Words:

There are also some excellent accessories available to extend the capabilities of the Lumix G7, including a couple of very high-quality Speedlites, an optional battery grip for more stable hands-on shots, a hot shoe, and a variety of lens attachments for all kinds of photography. The Lumix G7 is a decent, smallish mirrorless camera for travel photography, though it’s short on features.

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