Optoma GT1080HDR & GT1090HDR Black Friday Deals 2021

Are you looking for Optoma GT1080HDR & GT1090HDR Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Optoma GT1080HDR & GT1090HDR Cyber Monday’s new sales and discounts.

Optoma GT1080HDR

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Optoma GT1090HDR

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Optoma GT1080HDR & GT1090HDR Black Friday Deals 2021

The optima gt 1090 hdr laser projector is a 1080p model designed from the ground up for gaming and it delivers enough brightness for viewing an ambient light at 1399. It trades off a 4k imaging chip in favor of a laser light source that never needs maintenance or lamp replacement. The gt 1090 is a compact and lightweight projector with a short-throw lens that I’ll say more about in a moment there’s a control pad on top. Also, check Optoma CinemaX P2 Black Friday.

optoma gt1080hdr black friday


In case the remote’s not handy around the back is a jack pack that would allow this projector to function in a lot of classrooms or conference rooms. There are a pair of HDMI ports including one that accepts 4k hdr for display at the projector’s native 1080p resolution.


You’ll also find a VGA in and out and an RCA composite video input for legacy components a LAN port is there for network control and there’s an rs232 port and a 12-volt trigger out of the three analog audio inputs include one for a microphone and there’s an analog audio output.

A 3d sync output is on board for an external rf 3d emitter but you don’t need one if you use dlp link glasses. Now despite all these connections, there are two key things that are missing first. There’s no digital audio output or audio return channel on the HDMI ports.

Analog Stereo Output

So your only options for sound are the analog stereo output or the pair of internal speakers they’re driven by 10 wide each of power and get loud enough to serve a small family room but they sound pretty thin and can’t replace an outboard system for home theater also the USB port is strictly for 5-volt power to a streaming dongle or other accessory.

optoma gt1090hdr black friday

It won’t function as a USB input for playing media from a flash drive now the short throw lens on the gt 1090 is pretty darn short it’s got a 0.5 to 1 throw ratio and projects a 100-inch image from just 3 feet 8 inches away that makes this the perfect projector to pull out of the closet and plop on a coffee table though.


There is no optical zoom or lens shift only digital zoom lens shift and keystone correction so to retain full image quality for a permanent installation try to place. The projector where you can avoid those controls for temporary setups keystone correction is automatic and the manual lens shift lever has a nice short feel to it Optimus duracore laser light engine is rated for 4200 ANSI lumens and it uses a sealed no-maintenance design.


With an ipx5 rating for dust resistance, it’s rated for 20 000 hours of use in the normal power mode and up to thirty thousand hours in eco, a nice benefit is a rapid startup which is less than thirty seconds to the image from a live connected source and it turns off instantly this version of the duracore engine uses a single blue laser.

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