NutriBullet Rx N17 1001 Blender Black Friday Deals 2021

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NutriBullet Rx N17-1001 Blender Black Friday Deals 2021

Nutribullet RX with this unit can make smoothies, nut butter, and soup with a 7-minute heated cycle. It comes with a powerbase small cup. The small bowl holds 30 ounces with a comfort lip ring screws right on top of the container. In case you want to drink out of it, there is a max line on the cup, so don’t feel above that this is the oversized cup that holds 45 ounces. The max range is marked right up here.

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Nutribullet RX is excellent for multiple servings. A resealable lid can use a cap with either the small cup or the oversized cup, which is the picture for making soups. It comes with a two-piece top. The pitcher also has a max line. This is the blade that you can use with the pitcher, the 45-ounce cup, or the small cup. There’s also a two-piece lid that you can use with the pitcher. A blade remover and cleaning brush are also included. There’s a user guide quick start guide.


A hardcover recipe book has recipes based on different color categories. You could take a quiz in the beginning and figure out which color category you fit under like the oranges, yellows greens etc. There’s some nutritional information on fruits and vegetables towards the end of the book; there are recipes for soups nut butter, and some coffee drinks. You can’t grind dry things like grains or coffee with this unit; also don’t blend hot liquids. The height of the nutribullet with the soup pitcher in place is about 19 inches.


It definitely won’t fit under my cupboards if I’m using the small cup it will fit underneath my cabinets the width is a little over 6 inches, so it’s not very large and shouldn’t take up too much space on your countertop. The cord length is about 37 inches the base is straightforward it just has a power on/off button here and ag button in the middle it’s straightforward to operate there’s no turning no twisting all you do is place your cup.

The blade directly in the base it just drops in the nutribullet RX starts blending as soon as you put the cup with the edge straight into the bottom. It’s effortless to use when you first get the unit wash all the parts in warm soapy water and dry all the cups and lids are top-rack dishwasher you’re safe the blade is hand wash only. Nothing here is removable there’s a rubber liner inside the base don’t remove it if anything spills inside you can wipe it with a warm sponge and dry.


The base can be wiped down with a damp cloth and dried I’ll make a tropical smoothie. The small cup I’m using some frozen pineapple chunks about a half a cup froze mango chunks same amount half a cup. I’ll use coconut water as my liquid it’s a little over a cup screw on the blade hand tighten it plug in the base press the power button on the side, and it’ll turn blue once you put the cup into the base.

The g button will be green it’ll automatically run for one minute, and the g button will stop glowing green if you want to stop it. Before the minute lifts the cup off the base or press the power button after each use press the power button to turn it off, the cycle stops automatically after a minute.

nutribullet rx black friday deals

Why pick Nutribullet RX on Black Friday?

The cycle you noticed it was slow and then fast that’s normal pull the cup straight up and press the power button to turn off the base has suction feet unscrew the blade here’s our tropical smoothie the pineapple especially smells good if you want to try out this nutribullet RX.

There are absolutely no bits of sweet fruit smoothie will make a smoothie in the 45-ounce cup there’s also a max line on this cup don’t fill above. I’ll start with some baby spinach leaves about 2 cups blueberries about 1 cup 1 pear cut up a quarter cup of raw cashew pieces two tablespoons of cocoa powder and some milk you can use any milk here’s the max line so you can see how much we can fit in this 45-ounce cup.

Final Verdict

The plate on a minute is up pulled the cop up you can see this makes at least two or three servings there are no chunks it is smooth the blueberries are broken down the spinach is broken down the nuts they’re broken down. Still, you could taste a little bit of the graininess pretty decent job on this smoothie make sure to clean the blade right.
The superb last or nutriblast recipes are in the recipe book and contain hardy or stickier ingredients like oats nuts and powders. Suppose something is stuck on and need some more thorough cleaning to fill the cup or pitcher two-thirds full with warm soapy water and run for thirty seconds. You can also use the included cleaning brush now let’s try making soup screw the blade onto the pitcher some spinach cut-up tomatoes to medium tomatoes two carrots cut-up and two stalks of celery cut up.

It’s piping hot it should be about 70 degrees Celsius or 150 degrees Fahrenheit there is a max line here on the pitcher. I did fill above that a little bit, and that’s why the pitcher overflowed when I was making the soup I was following this garden party soup recipe from the recipe book the measurements. I follow it almost exactly except I did not add half of a beat so be very careful if you’re going to use the recipes in the recipe book and always make sure your ingredients including the liquid.

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