Ninja Pro Blender Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Are you looking for Ninja Professional Blender Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Ninja Blender Pro Cyber Monday’s new sales and discounts. 

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Ninja Professional Blender Black Friday Deals 2021

I think it’s just to show you what kind of juice you can make and stuff like that kind of smoothies. It’s just like a recipe. Still, it is a recipe, but check it out. You feel me look at all that look at that man. I’m finna make a lot of stuff, so jump juice, you better watch out the fun fact I worked at the jump juice so I know how to make smoothies and things with that but yeah, fun job by the way all right, another thing this is a manual all right.

Ninja Professional Blender black friday


The first thing I got is the lid. It already feels like high-quality checks that out. Hence, it has a button that says release right here. All you have to do is press this satisfying button, and then this comes out unlocked. I guess that’s like the little handle and stuff so lucky press it back down cool look has this thing right here when it’s locked onto your blender or your picture or whatever you just pour straight out from the top. That’s neat, tight, clean all right next you get is this foam all right and you get the picture slash blender itself. I’m so excited I haven’t drunk a smoothie in so long. I bought all the ingredients today to make this video and, to you know, test. Check out Vitamix 750 Black Friday Deals.


This is a big blender cool it’s way bigger than person that’s what she said so that’s pretty cool oh nice oh so this is the blade be careful because it’s super sharp all right that’s how it looks like on the inside yeah let’s put that right on just like that so you got that and you got this thing right here you press the release button oops let me show you guys it’s really fun that comes undone it looks like it has an arrow right here.

An arrow right here right there so you just basically match it up like that fell dude I told you guys that it has arrow here. Arrowhead and I didn’t even do it there you go arrow and arrow right there yeah and close it it’s not going anywhere oh that’s cool. It keeps the blender or the blades in place too, so it doesn’t shake a lot tight all right. Put that over there all right and last, but not least in this box, I haven’t done one of these videos in a long time all right here’s the base right here cool thing this is pretty heavy this is actually a really nice dude all right let me move.

Ninja Professional Blender black friday deals

Why pick Ninja Professional Blender on Black Friday?

The camera down so you guys can see more better than the base of it so you got power pulse low medium and high, so pulse is basically you’re controlling them by pressing it. They’re just like that when I press low then it’s going to blend on the lowest walks and then you know medium and high it’s basically common sense all right now you got this right here you’ve got the blender. I guess to put it you got to put an angle like that see the lines it shows the lines right here so basically you’re not going to put it in like this you got to put in and go like that so you can line it up all right so it’s lined up like that and then you just turn.

There’s only one way you can turn so once you put it on you gotta turn clockwise and it locks into place see and then you just start blending it and yeah and to take it off you just gotta go counterclockwise and lift that is awesome it feels freaking satisfying as hell oh boy what’s up man stop going to jam juice come to me man it’s jada means juice over here oh wait a second that sounds kind of weird never mind just go to jump juice man it is hot.

Final Verdict

I’m thirsty what do y’all say let’s fire it up and then start making a smoothie yeah let’s go all right so I got some strawberries right here. I’m gonna cut them up and then freeze them up all right shot so I’m in my kitchen I decided to ditch the beanie I was getting way too hot you hear like talking and stuff that’s my parents. Hence, what I’m gonna do is clean the blender then I’m gonna throw in the fruits and I’m gonna start blending it I’ll probably put like a little montage because it’s gonna be really loud everywhere and yeah all right so just just bear with me.

All right all right so that’s a lot of ingredients that I got into this blender right here let’s see if it’s gonna blend good or not I might have to add more juice by the way so the cool thing about this is if you have the lid on and it’s not on all the way you can’t start it at all this is the blinking power over here until this pin in the picture and it’s connected to each other locked into place then it should blink and if you notice that the power is now solid red which means it’s ready to go I’m gonna pulse it first it’s really loud how did I forget I forgot the ice give it another twirl.

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