Nikon Z7 Mirrorless Camera Memorial Day Sale 2022

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Nikon Z7 Memorial Day Sale 2022

The z7 version 2 adds a dual processor, so we’re going to see what changes the camera system. The advantages that will bring and then help you decide if this camera should be the right system for you now for handling aspect this body hasn’t changed from the z7.

Nikon Z7 Memorial Day


The handling but, all, a positive because this is one of the best handling cameras in our opinion in the mirrorless full-frame. The grip we love the fact that we’ve got tons of customizable buttons top LCD display. Also, check Sony A6400 Memorial Day Sales.

Dual Card Slots

We have dual card slots. This is a welcome addition, but you have to understand how it works differently than the z62. These cameras have always had an xqdcf express card slot, and on this camera, with its huge file sizes that were very important to maintain shoot ability.


The z7 is just over 2 million dot touch screen panels. It does vertically tilt there you go. Many photographers are going to like that and again very sharp and very easy to use and even fairly viewable in sunlight.


Autofocus on the z7 is improved over the original series Nikon. One thing that does work excellent is the eye detect autofocus, and it needed improving because the original series focused a lot on eyelashes or behind.

Burst Rate Mode

We also get a faster continuous burst rate mode in general now, Nikon is saying you get ten frames per second, and you can get that with continuous autofocus as long as you’re in single-point mode.

We were manual focus single autofocus or continuous autofocus with that single point we were getting the same burst rate. We did a test you’re shooting maximum burst rate 12-bit raw file only and what we were getting is about 60 shots.


It’s always been an excellent sensor. You get 64 iso as your lowest base native iso and what this does mean is high dynamic range. So I’ve shot quite a few samples here today for you guys at 64 iso with tough contrast, deep shadows, and bright highlights. I’ve underexposed a lot of those shots.

Nikon Z7 Cyber Monday's

Video features

Video featuresĀ of the z7, and they added some things that we requested. For starters, we now get 4k 60 with a pretty minor crop. actually because it’s not reading out the full sensor, so you don’t need to reframe your shots dramatically.

All of us who have been using video lenses for years will appreciate that now video quality isn’t going to be quite as sharp or as good in low light.


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