Nikon D7200 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Are you looking for Nikon D7200 Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Nikon D7200 Cyber Monday DSLR Camera’s new sales and discounts.

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Nikon D7200 Black Friday Deals 2021

I have talked about the Nikon d7200, and I’ve gotten a lot of videos with this camera in the past. It is the Nikon d7200, and this is pretty much my favourite camera it does pretty much everything that I need it to. I have done a lot of video gigs. I’ve done a lot of photography with it; it just does whatever I need to do it. It does it super well, but today I want to talk about a couple of features that I still absolutely love about this camera now when I’m doing video work as you guys know I love a flat picture profile.

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This d 7200 has an excellent flat picture profile clocking in around. I don’t know 12 or 13 stops of dynamic range which is pretty good for this kind of camera as I’ve mentioned before flat picture profiles give you a lot of room in post for colour grading colour correction. Hence, how I get this flat picture profile as you go into the video menu settings, you go to the picture styles you hit flat, but then once you’re into the flat part, you’re going to adjust. Check out Nikon D7500 Black Friday Deals.


The contrast down sharpness down and saturation down and that is going to give you this super flat picture profile that I use. You guys have asked I don’t know countless times my flat picture profile settings so there you go that is my flat picture profile setting. Now I love using a flat picture profile because it lets me get the look that I want instead of you know setting it to like a standard picture profile and just having the camera decide my look.

The content creator and the one who’s wanting to tell the story and give you guys what the story needs to feel like and the emotion of the story the flat picture profile helps you do that the best now am I saying you can’t do it inside a camera you can. Still, once something like contrast is there it’s tough to take it out of an image whereas if it’s not there, it’s easier to add it back in the post.


I shoot the flat picture profile, so d 7200 still feels good in my hand as far as build quality goes it fits my hand pretty nicely. I have some pretty big hands so yeah as you can see it fits snugly in their pinky is looking and feeling a little tight in there. Still, when I’m holding it like this, it feels fine it when you have like a right lens on it like this 17 250f 2.8 it just feels well-balanced.


The body feels great, and honestly, when I’m like working all day and holding it doesn’t get too, it doesn’t feel too heavy it feels just fine honestly. With a smaller lens, it’s even more beautiful because it only takes away the weight. Still, with this kind of a setup with a 17 to 50 and this is a pretty well-balanced setup, so that is another fantastic thing about this body. So it just I don’t know it’s not too big it’s not too small it’s kind of like perfect right in the middle between like a friendly full-frame camera and maybe say like one of the 5000 series cameras it’s just kind of in-between there.

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Why pick Nikon D7200 on Black Friday?

I think it feels great in the hands and you know it doesn’t bug me or anything. It’s just super lovely it only lets me get my works done allowed’s move on to low-light performance now you might think from a crop sensor camera that the low-light performance, especially from a camera.

You would think that the low-light performance from this isn’t too high well. I have to disagree, especially on the quiet side for being a crop sensor camera. It does pretty darn good I can shoot up to like thirty-two hundred no problems even if there is a little bit of grain in the image I can add contrast and I can crush those blacks and pretty much all the grain is out of the picture, and it looks beautiful as far as a video goes.

This does pretty darn well in video two same thing when I’m shooting a flat picture profile with it though before it is graded, you can see the noise after you add on a grade again. It kind of crushes those blacks and it hides all that noise, and 1600 iso is looking pretty good honestly I can shoot 1600 iso comfortably so another thing that we love about this d 7200. it’s just all like the button placements I know that’s like something that not a lot of people talk about but button placements I feel like is just a massive thing with a DSLR.

Final Verdict

I know that when I’m working, I don’t want to be like fumbling for all my buttons and missing shots it’s just lovely to be able to know where everything is and that might also have to do with the fact that I’ve been shooting this camera for like oh shoot I don’t remember three and a half years. Now I know where all of it is, but it’s also just not like a super cluttered you know camera it’s not as full of buttons like some other cameras that I’ve used before and everything.

I’ve set up for this camera so super customizable that is super nice, so another thing for the video shooters is these side ports right here these things are super lovely now what is on these side part is there is an HDMI here. It is an uncompressed HDMI, so it gives you the even better quality that’s already coming out of this thing we do have a headphone jack for monitoring your audio which is super super important. Then we also have a mic jack so you can add on a freaking microphone and get better sound another little overlooked thing but seems to be like a huge thing.

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