Nikon D3400 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Are you looking for Nikon D3400 Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Nikon D3400 Cyber Monday’s new sales and discounts.

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Nikon D3400 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021

One of my favourite cameras that I’ve ever used in the line just because a was my first camera and it was my first real step into the world of photography and also is just a great little camera.

Nikon D3400 Black Friday


I love the dang thing also this time I have notes and a monitor it’s over there so if you occasionally see me look that direction because my monitor is there. However, also I’ve noted this time so maybe this vid it’s still going to be wrong it’s kind of still going to be horrible. Again, I try the first thing I need to say about this camera is that it’s a Nikon camera and also that it’s a dx format which means that it’s a crop sensor if you didn’t see my last video. I talked a little bit about that for like 10 seconds but basically what that means is that with the full-frame camera you have a larger area that takes the picture.

That larger box on that sensor but seeing as this is a crop sensor or dx sensor the picture is going to be relatively smaller in comparison to an fx camera which is a lot larger my favourite thing about the d 3400 and why I think that it is very a very very good camera for people starting is its size and its guidance mode. I’m just going to be real with you chief this camera is small this camera is very very small I mean it’s only 13 ounces technically 14 it’s 13.9. It’s 5 inches by 4 inches by 3 inches. It is a tiny little camera, and you get your size with most cameras. Check out Canon Rebel T7i Black Friday Deals


The lens is like most of the mass. Still, this camera is ridiculously small like this is a compared to my seven-plus I mean look at that I mean the size of this thing is it is a tiny camera. It’s one of the reasons I like it because you can throw it in a bag and when you go hiking or something like that you’ll always have that little camera in there and you can pop a short lens on it I mean what when I look I got so sidetracked that’s scared the out of me when I got this small camera.


I had that 18 to 55 the lens pretty much came off only like an inch or two off the body itself and having that little lens on there it was just a perfect small landscape lens get 18 still very decent landscaping go all the way up to 55 when 50 is around with the eye sees. So it was honestly a great little lens, and that’s my first big point on why I like this camera a second point on why I love this camera megapixels 24 is the 24-megapixel camera it is phenomenal.


I have never really had any issues with the resolution scale with this thing, and the cropping on it’s excellent. I mean even with the dx format having that 24 megapixels you can still get a large image of six thousand by four thousand roughly can shoot jpeg. It can shoot raw don’t know why you shoot jpeg ever, but I mean I started in jpegs like you can’t do sit too much, but I mean it’s done both, and it does it well that’s my second point of while I enjoyed this third camera point.

Guidance Menu

The guidance menu this thing has a built-in guidance menu which when I started was phenomenal was phenomenal that being said, I still think if you want to get into this. You should pick up a magazine guide book bought this at a bookstore for like ten bucks and basically what it is is it just talks about the different Nikon cameras. It goes over various settings, and it tells you what shutter speed and iso and aperture and everything is if because I when I first started I had no clue what any of this was, and I didn’t know where to start.

Nikon D3400 Black Friday deals

Why pick Nikon D3400 on Black Friday?

I just went through, and I just bought a book, and I read it this isn’t the one I bought this is another one. Still, the one I bought was like 200 pages and it just literally went through every single setting and every unique menu and everything was great. Now I know so much about this little camera because the thing I like about this camera is the iso I can do up to 102 25600, which is very extreme. Still, I used to do a lot of astrophotography so having that iso was very cold it was very grainy of course but having that if you wouldn’t do anything crazy like that the second-highest time.

I’ve jacked up to twelve eight-twelve thousand eight hundred one time when I was in the grand canyon, and it was pitch blackout. I want to try to get a good vista didn’t use that photo because it was so grainy. Still, there are a few things that I dislike about this camera, however. There were more later-stage type things I should have prefaced towards the beginning that this is a great photography camera I don’t shoot video on this thing at all it can do 60 frames a second at 1080p. Still, it doesn’t have a mic jack, and that’s very frustrating that is so frustrating has no log processing or anything.

Final Verdict

This but it only has a micro USB and an HDMI that’s pretty much it. It does have Bluetooth which is helpful if you want to use snap reg or anything like that and when I was on the road that was a unique feature because I didn’t have a computer or an iPad or anything at the time that I edited on so just being able to just or any like sd readers or anything. So I could send the photos straight from the rim to my smartphone, and that was very cool with a snap bridge. Still, it’s prolonged, mainly if you shoot bulk.

We’re going back to the video situation doesn’t have a mic jack and doesn’t have a headphone jack either it’s not going to be a video camera it is very much going to be a photo camera. I think that should be the main thing that you’re going for if you want to get this I have originally when I first got this camera it was recommended to me by my old boss Wayne. I ended up getting it, and that’s where I started. I’m very thankful that he pushed me in that direction because this thing has so many amazing little features in here like in the iso screen it shows you optimal conditions and optimal environments.

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