Nikon D3300 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Are you looking for Nikon D3300 Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Nikon D3300 Cyber Monday’s new sales and discounts.

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Nikon D3300 Black Friday Deals 2021

The Nikon d3300 camera the specs of the camera this camera has and what it’s capable of doing now specs are cool and you know they’re good to look at but really just seeing what a camera is actually capable of doing is the most important part so I’m actually recording with the d 3300.

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The video footage looks like so anyways let’s get into some of the specs I’m gonna start out with photography so the first thing I notice right off the bat with this camera is that the sd card slot is on the side of the camera rather than on the bottom where the battery goes now this is usually a feature held for higher-end cameras and it makes it a lot easier just for getting your footage off the camera really quick especially when it’s not in tripod because usually when it’s covered up on a tripod you can’t open the battery door can’t get to the sd card so that’s your car being on the side makes it super easy. Check out Nikon D5200 Black Friday Deals.


The image quality at all but it really helps with the usability of this camera so the second thing I’m gonna talk about actually goes with video and photos it’s basically just the whole camera itself and that’s the interchangeable lens system so this camera you can put different lenses on it it doesn’t have a built-in lens which is really good for versatility for photos and videos because Nikon has a huge selection of lenses you can buy.


This camera produces really good quality and good background separation and there are tons more lenses you can get some really expensive some really cheap you know all different budgets there’s just a bunch of different lenses you can put on this camera just to up the quality even more.


The sensor itself so has a 24-megapixel sensor now if you’ve been watching my channel for a while you know that I typically review the Sony NEX cameras and those all have 16 or 14-megapixel sensors so this is a pretty big step up from those being 24 megapixels you have a lot of room to crop in on the image. His camera is not capable of recording 4k video and being in us 2020 4k is really starting to come with standard but 1080p still cut it for video quality mean as you can see I’m recording in 1080p 24 frames a second.

nikon d3300 black friday deals

Why pick Nikon D3300 on Black Friday?

The footage looks good you know there’s really not much to complain about but it’s just not quite as sharp as 4k footage would be but I’m completely fine and I’m sure most other people are completely fine with the 1080p at 24 30 and 60 frames a second they give you room for 60 frames a second you can do some slow-motion and then 24 frames a second you can get some nice cinematic footage and then 30 frames a second is nice in-between for smooth footage so all these frame rates are great.

Final Verdict

I would really like 120 frames per second but this camera does not do that which is a little bit of a bummer but again 60 frames a second is totally fine and you can still produce amazing footage out of this camera another great thing about this for a video is that there’s a microphone input jack so I have my rode wireless go plugged into a right now which I’m recording with my lav mic right here that’s plugged directly into the camera so that’s what you’re hearing this audio from and it works great others you know obviously a microphone input.

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