Nextbase 622GW Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2023

If you’re looking for a black friday deals on dash cam, consider the Nextbase 622GW. It’s known for its exceptional 4K image quality, slow-motion capabilities, and unique what3words integration, enabling precise location tracking during emergencies. With Black Friday approaching, this is the perfect time to invest in this premium device. Keep an eye out for potential discounts, as they’ll make this fantastic gadget an even more appealing purchase.

Nextbase 622GW Black Friday Sales:

The Nextbase 622GW stands out as an advanced dash cam, packed with features to enhance your driving experience for both safety and enjoyment. Its cutting-edge technology and sleek design have made it a top choice among drivers.

nextbase 622gw black friday

Key Features:

  • 4k HD Resolution: The Nextbase 622GW offers stunning 4k HD resolution, ensuring the capture of even the finest details on the road.
  • Emergency SOS: In case of an accident, the built-in emergency SOS feature automatically calls for help and sends your precise location to emergency services.
  • Alexa Integration: Enjoy seamless control of your dash cam through voice commands, including navigation, music streaming, and more, thanks to Alexa integration.
  • Intelligent Parking Mode: With motion detection, the Nextbase 622GW safeguards your car when you’re away, recording any incidents or tampering while parked.
  • User-Friendly Touch Screen: Navigate effortlessly through settings and footage with a generous 3-inch touch screen, ensuring ease of use for drivers of all ages.
  • GPS Tracking: The built-in GPS module tracks your location and speed, providing precise information in case of an incident.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity: Stay connected to your phone via Bluetooth 5.0, enabling easy footage transfer and dash cam control from your phone.
  • WiFi Connectivity: Download footage quickly to your phone or other devices without the hassle of cables, thanks to WiFi connectivity.
  • Enhanced Night Vision: Experience clear footage in low light conditions with the Nextbase 622GW’s advanced night vision technology, ensuring reliable evidence in any situation.


  • Peace of Mind: The Nextbase 622GW offers peace of mind with advanced features like emergency SOS and intelligent parking mode, serving as a reliable witness in accidents or incidents.
  • High-Quality Footage: Capture all your moments in stunning 4k HD resolution, coupled with intelligent night vision, ensuring clear evidence in case of an incident.
  • Ease of Use: With a user-friendly touch screen interface and various connectivity options, the Nextbase 622GW caters to drivers of all ages, simplifying settings navigation, footage review, and file transfer.
  • Enhanced Driving Experience: Features like Alexa integration make your driving experience more enjoyable, allowing voice commands for navigation and music streaming while keeping your focus on the road.
  • Reliable Support: Count on Nextbase’s stellar reputation for excellent customer support, ensuring assistance in case of any issues or questions.
nextbase 622gw cyber monday


In summary, the Nextbase 622GW is a best dash cam, offering an array of advanced features to elevate your driving experience. With its high-quality footage, user-friendly interface, and dependable support, it’s no surprise that this model has gained popularity among drivers. Whether you seek peace of mind, improved safety, or a convenient way to document your journeys, the Nextbase 622GW has you covered.

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