Nest Security Camera Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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Nest Security IQ Camera Black Friday Deals 2021

Nest right, they’re a company that’s one of many that make a home security camera. I’ve been a nested user for a couple of months, so I have a couple of their home security cameras.

Nest Security Camera black friday


I have their thermostats, and I have some of their smoke detectors, so obviously, it makes it easy to keep it all in one place in one app. It’s not perfect; there are some minor annoyances. Still, there are also some well-thought-out features to it, but now their newest cameras come out. It’s called the nest cam shout out to nest this thing well the design, first of all, is pretty clean as you can see the matte white look. There’s always the argument with a security camera in an office with a lot of obviously costly gear like. I do you hide the security camera out of sight like up in a corner somewhere to get footage if anything happens secretly.


It would help if you had it or do you put it like right in the doorway right in the field of view. Hence, you know it’s there to discourage anything from happening in the first place. I chose the second option as you can see; it’s been in previous videos. It’s pointed right at the doorway you walk in you know you’re on camera. Still, at least it’s not ugly, so other security cameras are unattractive. Again, you might have seen it blend in the background. I’d consider it a pretty modern two-tone panda design it has that eve from the wall-e type of look it’s got a swivelling head it connects to power via USB type-c which is again. You advanced can mount it to the wall pretty quickly. Check out Ring Floodlight Camera Black Friday Deals.

If you want to also so, this thing is pretty clean, and then the main headlining feature of nest IQ is the 4k sensor, which needs some explaining technically. Yes, there is a new 4k sensor inside the camera and all the processing power and hardware to support it. Still, it is not continually recording 4k security camera footage that would be a little insane. It is recording at all times in 1080p. Again, because it is a 4k sensor anytime you want to zoom in up to four times on anywhere in the frame, you can do that without losing any quality, and it will continue to be full 1080p even though you’ve zoomed in without losing anything.


The main benefit of having a higher resolution sensor, so then the nest cam IQ as you can probably tell by the name, is trying to be smart with all this new hardware. Hence, it has a bunch of intelligent features to take advantage of having this new 4k sensor has facial recognition all this stuff. Therefore, the average full field of view for the camera is a hundred and thirty degrees. Using the whole sensor super wide-angle as you can tell looks like your average security camera footage. Still, crisp and clear zoom in four times on any part of the image, and you can see it keeps its quality a hundred percent.

It’s a lossless zoom, and then you can keep a zooming way into twelve times on the live feed if something’s getting your attention. You want to check it out now. Let’s say someone walks into the frame nest aware recognizes faces and humans. We’ll sort of zoom in a bit and follow and track that person around the frame as they move if it follows them around usually with a pretty decent success sometimes if you move fast enough it can sort of lose the subject. Still, I’ve had no complaints about this and makes sense to follow the action and then those of you who are familiar with nests.

Nest Security Camera black friday deals

Why pick Nest Security IQ Camera on Black Friday?

I leave so if I’m out and it detects some motion it’ll send a notification to my phone actually with a little clip of what it just saw which is pretty convenient the funny thing is probably like 95 of the time on the old nest cam perhaps like 99 of the time. It’s just like a random sunlight change or a leaf blowing outside of a window. It will only send notifications for random things that weren’t humans. I could set these hot zones where it’s explicitly monitoring that zone, but I just kind of left it on and got a lot of additional notification. Still, nest cam IQ has been perfect for me about not sending me all those spare notifications and just notifying me when it sees unknown faces or unknown humans in the frame because it’s using facial recognition.

Final Verdict

It can tell when it’s a human and when it’s just a blob or something else that it doesn’t have to worry about, and then on top of that, you can set what’s called familiar faces. Instead of notifying me about an unknown human every time, it sees something you can tell it to remember individual faces.

It knows and can put in the notification if it’s a trusted person entering, so that makes perfect sense for a studio like this if someone who works here walks in their faces recognized. It notifies my phone and passes the person’s name already. I don’t have to worry about it; the weird thing is it doesn’t let me turn on notifications for unknown faces, and turn off notifications for known faces still notifies me every time a person walks in.

The camera itself is not waterproof, so it can’t be your outdoor cam but may be able to make a 4k version of it overall. However, this thing fits nicely into the ecosystem of products. Hence, my consensus on this little guy is it’s similar obviously to previous ness cameras but a little bit better in every way, so if you have a currentness camera.

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