Nakto 26 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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Nakto 26 Black Friday Deals 2021

The 26 inch natkho electric cargo bike it’s more of a city / kind of cargo electric cargo bike with the cheapest full-sized ii bikes out there I bought this bike not because I expected it to be great but because I hoped that it would at least be good.

Nakto 26 Black Friday


I wanted to find out if there was actually a decent ebike out there for someone on an ultra budget but who doesn’t want to get stuck with a weird little miniature ebike which is what you usually get for those ultra budget prices but the necto is a full-size bike with 26 inch wheels and a distinctly dutch style frame or at least dutch inspired I was hoping that basket would be a cool rattan style basket.


A cheap plastic basket it works fine and it even has a cover so things don’t bounce out when you hit a bump but it’s not nearly as cool as I was expecting rounding out the cargo capacity of the bike is a rear rack which is actually just fine and should be plenty for anyone who wants to zip-tie on a milk crate or a larger rear box you also get a front headlight suspension for twist throttle 7-speed drivetrain an electric horn and well that’s about it for the list of features so yeah it’s a pretty simple bike I guess you’re not getting a lot of extras here.


A 250 watt rear hub motor that gets it up to just shy of 20 miles an hour or 32 km/h though the pole is strong enough and the hill climbing is decent enough that I suspect it’s actually closer to a 350 watt motor I still had to pedal some on hills to keep my speed up but that’s pretty standard with 350 watt drives that’s also a drum brake you spied on the rear there nothing fancy.


It’s tried-and-true just like the rim brakes on the front nothing fancy but they work the battery is helpfully labeled battery just in case you forget what it is it’s a 36 volts and 10 amp hour pack for a total of 360 watt hours that figure might sound a bit underwhelming at first and it kind of is until here just buying the battery by itself would cost half the price of the entire bike to put that in perspective in terms of range they claim you can get up to 35 miles or 60 kilometers of range but you’d have to be doing some pretty hard pedaling to see those figures on throttle only operation.

Nakto 26 Black Friday deals

Why pick Nakto 26 on Black Friday?

You’ll barely get half of that range topping out at around 15 miles maybe 20 miles if you’re on super flat ground and you don’t wait too much pedaling can obviously increase the range but you’ll want to note that you don’t get multiple levels of pedal assist like on most ebikes on the neck though it’s either on or off not ideal but it works the ride is more comfortable than I expected that suspension fork is not high-end by any stretch of the imagination but it’s more than enough for smooth streets and decent bike paths it even did surprisingly well on rougher streets with cracks and light potholes.

Final Verdict

The upright seating position will be familiar to fans of cruisers and dutch style bikes and the step-through frame makes it easy to mount especially for seniors personally I’ve always liked sitting just a bit lower than most people on bikes but you can pop that seat up as high as you want even for longer legged riders ultimately there’s nothing sexy or even highly compelling about this bike it’s just a simple gp bike that works fine until it doesn’t I actually ended up blowing.

The fuse on the battery during one of my hill climb which on the one hand shows that at least they fuse protected the battery but also probably indicates that they used the cheapest views they could find so I’d probably recommend sticking a spare fuse in your pocket just in case other than that I can’t complain about the bike for this price it’s not great but it’s good enough for anyone that wants a cheap.

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