Muse (S, 2) Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2023

Black Friday is the perfect time for shoppers to score deals on some of the most popular electronic devices on the market. Those in the market for a new EEG headband should definitely consider the Muse S or Muse 2, two of the most popular options currently available. These devices provide real-time feedback on users’ brain activity, aiding in meditation, sleep, and mindfulness practices. Both Muse S and Muse 2 have garnered significant attention from the tech community and consumers alike since their release, and Black Friday is the perfect time to snag them at an even more affordable price.

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About Muse Headband:

I once held the misconception that meditation was solely a practice for peace-seeking hippies, seemingly a lazy alternative to hard work. However, I quickly realized that this perception was far from the truth. To my surprise, I discovered that meditation offers substantial physical and mental benefits. Today, there is a plethora of meditation apps available on the market, offering variety but often lacking clarity. After extensive research, I finally settled on the Muse “brain-sensing” headband.

The Muse headband is a remarkable device that complements meditation apps seamlessly. I particularly favor the Calm app for its guidance and engaging content. The exceptional design of the Muse headband makes attaining a deep meditative state effortlessly achievable.

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For those unfamiliar with the Muse headband, it’s a fabric headpiece equipped with two sensors designed to read your brainwaves, determine your level of focus, and assess your meditation depth. Remarkably, it can even monitor your sleep quality. What sets this app and headset combination apart is its ability to provide real-time feedback during meditation. You can monitor your brainwave activity, heart rate, and even receive a “tranquility score” that evaluates your focus level during the session. It offers unparalleled insights into your mind.

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The app itself offer a highly organized structure, offering guided meditations that span ten minutes each. One minor drawback is the inability to customize meditation durations. However, a unique feature of this app encourages synchronization of your breath with the guide, which significantly enhances relaxation compared to merely sitting quietly and focusing on your breath.

The app’s content is engaging and covers various aspects such as anxiety management and enhancing focus. Furthermore, the quality of the guided meditations and soothing music is exceptional.

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Final Verdict:

Muse has developed an extensive meditation platform that seamlessly integrates its headband hardware with a user-friendly mobile app. With a range of guided meditations, there’s something here for everyone. Although designed with beginners in mind, even intermediate and advanced users can derive value from it, especially when complemented with third-party apps like Muse Monitor.

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