Maxx Air 7500k Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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Maxx Air 7500k Black Friday Deals 2021

Well, this is one of two I’ll be using this and stripping this testing it to make sure it’s well bolts been running this to that fan for power that is cool we have some crimped ends. I can actually test the voltage coming from here I got my multimeter set up you see. I’m getting up to 12 volts and almost 13 but it seems that what’s a DC how there’s a negative in front of it that means. I got the lines mixed up and then if I switch them up so the positive one is the color in this case before I start actually pulling this apart I will be shutting down my bow. Checkout Smittybilt X2O Black Friday Deals.

Maxx Air 7500k Black Friday

I need to have it on obviously the test which ones which first I’m gonna turn off the breaker and then I’ll turn it back on and that way. I can test to see if I’m getting power correctly basically what I need to do is remove all this extra junk so first things first. I will be moving this so I’m trying to clear enough of this off to get to the screws once I get that done all the way around. I’m gonna unscrew these things and then lift this out of it and then from there I’m gonna try to fit this inside see what we got here I’m fitting it there’s a membrane underneath here it’s sticky still from when I took off the other one and I’m literally just seeing how this fits and it fits pretty well.


I would say so this is going to go on the inside and then kind of fit-up and then this bit right here is gonna mount directly in today oh this is the second cover that we’re changing out I bought these two and our kids are riding bikes in the bushes what are you doing Marcus like this, yeah these things work way better than starting a project after sunset. So we’re gonna take out the screws that’s the next step and we are not saving any the screws which is good because all covered in goo all the screws are out we had a couple of screws that were stuck and so we kind of double-teamed it and as he was trying to reverse it out. I stuck our chisel under and they popped right up it’s not super glue bad its membrane and the next part is here’s what the max air fan looks like after installation you can see some of that old caulk is there along with the new caulk. It works marvelously we’ve had it up for about two days.



I think I’ll push this down get it fit it literally fits right on that black spot this is what’s gonna look like it’s gonna set in here they’re gonna put screws here okay and screws. We have to open it up completely when you install it when this turns on it gets power there the very first time this is gonna be the side that goes towards the front of your RV and the opening will go towards the back of your RV. there are three types of screws in here there’s the obvious white top and flat just go on the inside for the cap and then there are some much shorter larger screws these are going up we’re gonna go into the side okay the longer thinner screws. We’re gonna go in the outside this is a caulk gun we’ll call it a miniature caulk gun because it is nowhere near the size that we created.

Maxx Air 7500k cyber monday


I told the urn that we had a gun and he was like I will go ahead and order one anyway was that how it happened yeah it was I wasn’t sure that you would actually find it I didn’t know that there would be multiple size of guns. I gotta get a nice sized bead that completely surrounds the screw this is self lovely the last time it took me a while to go for it you think putting four screws in would be okay but it doesn’t fit really well. This is just the upper portion of this all right so all right got that the DC wired out I pulled myself off a little bit the reason why I did that is I’m gonna use this to splicing the power to here and this goes all the way back here to all this okay so which is the I think the cameras.

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I thought mistaken in the light I’m basically going to patch in through here so nice splicing tool it’s a little 12 gauge my butt connectors are splice connectors Mr. crimpers give it a nice solid crack so it doesn’t come off so here are the wires that belong to the fan what I’m doing over here is I am connecting these there’s a part of this its plastic and then part it’s a metal on the inside let me shred get that metal crimps are really hard because I have one wire coming in this side there’s a second little not too amusing. it’s a little bit stronger of a crimp it’s for a smaller gauge.

Final Verdict

So you cut a piece out just so that you’d have a piece to extend to these new ones comes with a couple of batteries and a very deep cavity for these which is weird. You can actually control the direction of the air but this looks great duct tape and that was already up here we’re gonna just reuse it’s not a lot of space to hide this wiring.

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