Mason Pearson Hairbrush Black Friday Deals 2022

Are you looking for Mason Pearson Hairbrush Black Friday Deals 2022? This article will give you a complete guide for Mason Pearson Hairbrush Cyber Monday’s new sales and discounts.

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Mason Pearson Hairbrush Black Friday Deals 2022

Have you ever wondered why Mason Pearson brushes have been called the Ferrari of hairbrushes? What makes them so great? While you’re thinking of it so let me tell you how I got started with these years and years and years ago someone that I knew was talking about her mason piercing brush and I said I’ve always heard those are great but gosh. They’re so darn expensive she said well I’ve had mine for years and years and it still works perfectly and it looks brand new then a few years later someone was telling me that this was someone who’s a little bit older and said that they’d have one for about 30 years and they still use it and still grant.

mason pearson hairbrush black friday


I was like if you advertise it over 30 years that’s pretty darn good so that is when I purchased my first one. By the way, I use all these brushes so I have tried to get all the hair out but if there’s like a lone hair. I’m sorry about it but anyone sits there for like five hours pulling hair out of the brushes.

So I did my best but anyhow so this one is the mix of boar bristle and nylon bristle and this is the largest size this is called the popular so you can see that compared to my hand you know how big that is I love this brush. The way it feels on your scalp the way it goes through your hair firmly but gently see I have this really fine line I have to walk with the brushes.


I have some wet brushes that you know I was using when my hair was wet or even just in general because some of the brushes just felt so so harsh but then I had purchased a different boar bristle brush that wasn’t inexpensive well. I mean compared to these I guess it wasn’t that expensive it was like 70.

mason pearson brush cyber monday

It was by Moroccan oil all boar bristle is nice but I just know it was hard to dig. It through my hair because it was just kind of too soft. I did really like it if I backcomb my hair like we’re kind of you know smoothing out I mean it’s great for that but for what I was looking for that was you know just not a win for me.

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