Logitech G29 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2022

Are you looking for Logitech G29 Black Friday Deals 2022? This article will give you a complete guide for Logitech G29’s Cyber Monday new sales and discounts.

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Logitech G29 Black Friday Deals 2022

I honestly only got the wheel because of this insane situation. Now that it’s 2022, all I do is race, but the Logitech G29. You get the wheel pedals and the ac adapter, and that’s pretty much it. It appears that a shifter could have fit, but Logitech chose to sell that separately for an additional cost. All you need to do is connect the power and pedals to the wheel.

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The USB connects the wheel to your computer or console, but keep in mind that it must be calibrated each time it is turned on. So it will just have to work a little harder to calibrate itself. The wheel has a 900-degree rotation dual-motor force feedback driven by gears, and it is wrapped in hand-stitched leather or the G29. There are 14 buttons and the pedal shifters, as well as this dial and these plus and minus buttons. The force feedback provided by the wheel is approximately 2.1-newton meters of torque.

Led Indicators

The steering wheel also has these led indicators at the top that indicate when you should shift. Whether you’re redlining or not, and how conveniently. In that case, the petals are all potentiometer-based potentiometers based on a nonlinear brake pedal. The amount of throttle or clutch should be determined by the distance traveled by the pedal rather than the amount of force, as the load cell does. I don’t have any issues with the throttle or clutch, but the brake takes some time. As a result, the brake has an extra piece of rubber, and the spring is much stiffer.


The first half is pretty straightforward, but once you get past that, it becomes much stiffer and requires a lot of force. The wheel and the pedals can be mounted in a rig or wheel stand, but I don’t have the space for that. It’s been sitting on my desk. These desk lamps are built into the wheel. It’s simple to set up; place it on your desk, turn the knob until it’s secure, and then press it to lock it. The pedals can be placed on the floor without the carpet grip or if they are not affixed to anything.


If you apply a lot of force to the brake, the pedals will move. So, make sure it’s against something or that you have a rig for these pedals, especially when you need to hit the brakes. So, once you’ve mounted and plugged everything into your computer, you’ll need to install Logitech gaming software or the Logitech g hub.


How the car is handling, you do sometimes notice the gears skipping, and the force isn’t as smooth as it can be in games like f1, where there is a lot of force feedback, and it can get tricky and loud you can turn this down in the game settings but for me. The one thing that you do have to remember is that if you are switching between games like racing and f1. You need to adjust the rotation of the wheel racing using the full 900 degrees. You can set those in the game or through the Logitech gaming software; the buttons are laid out like a standard PlayStation 4 controller.

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I prefer paddle shifters, but I use the grip when I need to launch the cars at the start of races. Aside from that, there are always the paddle shifters. The most significant issues I’ve had in the sim racing community have been with breaking anyone. It will tell you that you should probably upgrade your pedals. For starters, you can get different springs and stoppers online that are far superior to the ones that come standard with the g29, but you won’t get the same level of consistency as you would with a load cell setup.

Final Verdict

With the Logitech G29, you’re guaranteed a smooth, responsive wheel that’s comfortable enough for long periods. It’s also easy to set up and install, which is excellent for those who don’t have much time to mess around. And although I don’t race competitively, I still use this wheel daily. I play many racing games online, and my Logitech G29 has proven reliable and comfortable throughout my sim-racing career.

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