Lodge Cast Iron Griddle Pan Black Friday Deals 2021

Are you looking for Lodge Cast Iron Griddle Pan Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Lodge Cast Iron Griddle Pan new sales and discounts.

Lodge Cast Iron Griddle Pan Black Friday Deals 2021

I just started using them quite a bit more but focus on one more specifically this is the lodge ten and a half inch skillet that they have here really really nice.

Lodge Cast Iron Griddle Pan Black Friday


I’ve been using this more than any pan I actually have even my carbon steel or my all-clad stainless steel a couple things for cast iron it’s fairly lightweight I like that part of it there to handle still traditional like it’s always been bottom down here of course got the lodge branding they’ll bring around the end of it but I’ve cooked bacon on this I’ve made some blts I just made pancakes the other day.



I’m just finding out that this guy can do a lot of stuff it’s very similar pricing to some of their like traditional skillets this is a ten and a half inch as well but just really impressed with this one it’s kind of become my go-to skillet it target has it I’m sure many other places has it as well by really enjoying this quite a bit I just wanted to throw this video out there I don’t know if anybody else is using it if you happen to and you either love or hate.

Lodge Cast Iron Griddle Pan Black Friday Deals

Why pick Lodge Cast Iron Griddle Pan on Black Friday?

I was gonna start out with a cast-iron skillet knowing what I do now this would definitely be my starting piece you’re gonna do so much inside of it I actually just did brats the other day outside it happened to have a black stone grill out there with a flat top and I use that a lot in the summertime if it’s cold out like it is here in michigan where we get a lot of snow this will be awesome for the colder times of the year because you can do the same exact stuff like I said bacon burgers inside here.

Final Verdict

I actually want to get one of the presses so I can do smashed burgers inside this one just a ton of uses I’m gonna throw up a couple videos of myself and little and maybe cooking some pancakes on here and a few other things just to show you how it works I’ve seasoned this kind of numerous times which is basically you know heating this up really well throwing some oil on it and then you can either throw it in the oven or cook it on the range itself for a little while so it gets nice and hot and that’s how you clean it and store it.

The other really big benefit as I’ve used this soul fire I’ve only really had to do throw it under in warm water scrub it out a little bit and then throw you know some fat on here I’ve been using canola oil but you can use just about anything as well but that’s it guys that’s the lodge ten and a half-inch cast-iron griddle you can pick it.

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