Liquid Web Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Are you looking for Liquid Web Black Friday deals 2021? Here is the best Liquid Web Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, sales, and discount.

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Started in 1997 liquid web has become the leader in managed VPS hosting managed cloud hosting and also dedicated server hosting they are famous for their fast and high-quality support known as heroic support all liquid web hosting service is highly tuned for speed performance and security, making it a completely hassle-free hosting solution but is it the right web post for your website needs well in this liquid web review. I’m going to help you decide just that the liquid Web specializes in managed hosting with stellar support.

Liquid Web Black Friday Deals 2021

They offer fully managed dedicated servers, VPS hosting cloud hosting, and managed WordPress hosting. They also offer enterprise and custom solutions a premium managed WordPress hosting is optimized specifically for WordPress and tuned for speed performance and security unlike other managed WordPress hosting providers there are no limits on the number of visitors you can have all the plugins you can use now liquid webs managed WordPress hosting comes in three different tiers personal professional and agency and they differ based on the number of websites you can host. Now I’m not going to go over every single feature each plan includes but all of their plans include the following features pre-installed WordPress automatic WordPress updates automatic backups and one-click backup restore choice of liquid webs WordPress dashboard.

Liquid Web Black Friday

I sync pro or cPanel one-click staging sites that are available with the WordPress dashboard only free SSL Certificates and free site migration and cloud hosting. You can choose from fully managed cloud VPS hosting cloud dedicated servers or cloud sites for designers and web professionals and liquids web cloud hosting plans are built on this storm platform which includes solid state drives SSDs. So those are much faster than the traditional hard drives so cloud face CDN built-in backups enhance security and DDoS protection is all part of their plans. Storm PPS cloud servers are customizable servers of several different sizes and configurations.

Liquid Web VPS Hosting Deals

There are several tiers of VPS hosting available in a shade cloud environment based on the amount of RAM processing power and disk space you need. So it’s entirely up to you to check out their plans and see what exactly you need. That choice is entirely up to you cloud hosting plans, including instant provisioning and daily billing. You can adjust your plan on the fly and only pay for what you use as I mentioned briefly at the start, liquid web support and customer service are very highly regarded; people rave about this liquid Web promises 24/7 365 days. A year us-based heroic support as they call it they have highly trained support staff available via live chat phone and support tickets so liquid Web actually guarantees the response time to your support inquiries phone calls and live chat inquiries are answered in under a minute and support tickets are answered within 30 minutes which is just absolutely crazy.


I don’t know how they maintain this speed with the support but they do and it is absolutely incredible hats off to them for actually maintaining that and getting such good customer support the people are very very happy with it including myself and I’m sure you will be as well their staff members are trained to take ownership of your issue. so your ticket will not get passed around before being resolved that’s how they can do it so quickly customers of liquid web rave about their amazing customer support all the time. the support staff are friendly knowledgeable and quick to resolve any issues that arise so liquid Web do have some big promises that just mentioned the customer support they promise to answer phone calls in less than a minute well. let’s talk about that uptime guarantee because they’d have some crazy promises here – of a 100% uptime okay liquid web reviews often mention the hosting companies outstanding uptime unlike most of the hosting companies liquid Web-like. Checkout SiteGround Black Friday Deals.

Liquid Web Cyber Monday Deals 2021

I just said they do promise 100% uptime which most do not must stick to being safe like 99.9 percent or something like that but no liquid web they are promising you they are guaranteeing you 100% uptime. If they don’t live up to the promise you can receive a credit of 10 times the amount of time you were down for dedicated server customers. They offer a 30-minute Hardware replacement guarantee, which means that any faulty server hardware will be replaced within 30 minutes of identifying the problem, so let me quickly explain some of the pros and cons. I found with liquid Web so liquid Web is a very popular Web hosting company but it may not be right for everyone you should consider these pros and cons before choosing a plan so the pros are as follows.

Liquid Web Cyber Monday


You get super speedy hosting all of liquid web hosting plans are optimized for quick page loads many customer reviews mention how fast the hosting is there are no plugin limits. Like other managed WordPress hosting providers, liquid Web doesn’t ban any plugins. You can use any WordPress plugins you want on your site and they also have a guaranteed uptime which I mentioned a minute ago of 100% and will offer you one thousand percent credit for any downtime and finally their heroic support liquid webs claim to fame is this tower support customers rave about. how friendly helpful and skilled the support staff is but there are a few downsides just like most things in life so the cons of liquid Web are they do not have shared hosting liquid web doesn’t offer any shared hosting plans at all the target audience includes higher traffic sites that need to be managed WordPress hosting cloud hosting or dedicated server hosting. they do not have a money-back guarantee. Liquid Web does not offer any money-back guarantee; however, you are not under any contract and can cancel your service.

Final Verdict:

I actually recommend liquid Web well absolutely but only if you know what you’re doing and this isn’t your first web site for a beginner building your first web site. I would recommend checking out some of my other reviews for web posts such as Bluehost ojos cata they are a lot more beginner friendly and I think you’ll have a much better time with those but if you are experienced then liquid Web could be the right choice for you. I would highly recommend them now I will put a discount link for liquid Web in the description below as well this will be an affiliate link so if you do use that I will earn a small commission but that will be at no extra cost to you at so I would greatly appreciate you using that link please and thank you so that is it for this liquid web review.

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