LG V40 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Are you looking for LG V40 Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for LG V40 Cyber Monday’s new sales and discounts.

LG V40 Black Friday Deals 2021

The lg v40 if you’re an lg fan that’s a souped-up g7 here, this will probably be the hardware on here. You have a glass back in an aluminum frame. You also have ip68 dust and water-resistant, so if you get this guy wet, it will not break instantly. You also have a triple camera setup, which we will get into later flash fingerprint scanner on the back.

lg v40 black friday


Little lg branding back here as well on the bottom, you have the speaker the USB type-c and the headphone jack on the sides, you have the power button, and on the other side, you have your google now button or google assist button in your volume rockers now when you turn this phone on you’re greeted by ap OLED 6 point 4-inch display 1440p 537 for the PPI this is a downright beautiful display gives awesome excellent colors nice and big I mean it’s nice.
This model is running android nine and you will be getting the android 10 update, which again is fantastic. It makes this phone well you also have an always-on display so you can just tap to wake which I love you have the snapdragon 845 the same as the g7 so you will be able to play pretty much all games on hi puppy Fortnite, call of duty. Check out LG G6 H870DS Black Friday Deals.


I will do a gaming test as well you do have the adrenal 630 micro sd card support 64 gigs of storage and 6 gigs of ram over here so you actually get more ram than the g7. The g7 base model is four gigs so that is really awesome as well. Now another big difference is the triple camera setup also you have a 12-megapixel standard a 12 megapixel telephoto and a 16-megapixel ultra-wide it shoots in 2160p and 8 megapixel selfie camera on the front and you also have a 5 megapixel wide selfie camera as well so if you need to take wider shots.


This phone does have that which is awesome you also have nfc onboard as well as a 3300 milliamp battery wireless charging as well 18 watt fast charging so you can get to 50 in 36 minutes from zero which is very nice you also have that same boombox speaker on here same beautiful quality you can actually feel the phone vibrating same speaking on the g7 just really really good now I’m gonna make a separate gaming video like I said but just to show you you know gaming on this phone is going to be beautiful.


I go to graphics we go very high frame rate graphics quality very high and this is supports up up g fortnight all that stuff so it’s the same experience as the g7 it’s just on a bigger and in my opinion a better display since the colors and everything looks so much better but like I said you know whether you like oled or ips is really up to you but gaming on here it’s fine like I said the advantage of this one is just the overall bigger display here alright so let’s go ahead and go through these skin here.

I know a lot of people don’t like lg’s skin but I’m actually a fan though but I like the way it looks and feels and you can customize the home screen a little bit to make it you know work how you feel you have also the edge floating bar over here so you can put applications and stuff it’s sort of like the samsung edge you got google now on here which I absolutely love I preferred over a big sphere or anything else and the ui has been pretty smooth and you know I really like it some people don’t toggles captured.

lg v40 black friday deals

Why pick LG V40 on Black Friday?

We have bluetooth wi-fi calling dtx surround sound we have the hi-fi quad dac on here flashlight battery saver screen recording comfort view do not disturb screen sharing and file sharing and let’s hop into studying so I’m not gonna go over everything because this has a whole bunch of stuff in it but you pretty much have everything you need in here android beam lg error drive to have that on here you’re printing your mirror link on here vpn private dns let’s see what else and then we have our customization options our home screen and wallpaper.

If you want to customize and add themes to our device we do have the always-on display option, as well as the new second screen we can mess with the navigation buttons, change the color we can also you know do gestures if we would like to display size we can change the resolution we’re currently on 1440p hd our video effect comfort view brightness let’s see what else we have we have swipe the home touch buttons left or right to shrink the screen so we have that lock screen security we have face on lock one.

Final Verdict

Battery storage you know pretty much all the random stuff a smart cleaning on here we have your gaming settings on here you also have our system of the restart so a lot of people don’t like the layout of these settings. Still, honestly I just go to the bar and search stuff if it’s hard to find, but many people don’t like lg’s settings layout. Hence, I completely understand but you know I’m a big fan of it I actually lucky all right so let’s talk about the photo quality and it was pretty much on par with the g7 as you can see from these stills it really reminded me.

The g7 just with a telephoto lens on it so if you’re super into cameras and you take a lot of selfies you’re gonna want that front-facing wide-angle lens as well it’ll give you wider shots I don’t take a lot of selfies.

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