LG UBK90 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Are you looking for LG UBK90 Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for LG UBK90 cyber Monday new sales and discounts.

LG UBK90 Black Friday Deals 2021

Sony just released their X 700 player and now on hand we have LG’s latest player for 2018 the ubk 90 the player retails and is the successor to last year’s up9 70 it is they’ll be vision capable out of the box. So no firmware update is needed. Let’s get this unboxed and try out some content inside we get some documentation a remote control and the player itself the ubk 90 looks almost exactly like last year’s player on the front is the trade door buttons for eject play pause stop power and USB input. There’s no cover for the USB input like last year’s model head there’s also no type of display on the rear our inputs for LAN to HDMI outputs when dedicated for audio-only for setups with older receivers and an optical output one notable difference between last year’s model is a new rigid texture on the top of the unit. the remote is pretty standard, and nothing out of the ordinary now let’s run through the setup to check out some settings here we have language selection in terms of service network settings.

LG UBK90 Black Friday

I’ll be using Wi-Fi let’s see what other settings are available here our network settings display settings not too many options for aspect ratio changes, unfortunately, resolution display. I’ll keep it at 24 Hertz language settings audio out we’ll keep that on auto we’re going to keep dynamic range compression off. Now let’s check for any updates looks like there is a new firmware update now this whole process takes about five minutes depending on your network speed.



Now let’s try out my go-to Tom Hanks movie hitting the Display button will give you a few options you have title and chapter selections remaining time audio selections subtitle camera angle you only have options for full or original. So if you’re using the anamorphic lens in a projector setup there are no scaling options like you get in the Opel players here we have a few pictures presets standard, vivid movie and user settings here you can tweak contrast brightness colour and sharpness. This scene here when I played it back on the up9 70 it displayed some visible banding or posterization in the sky on the right side of the screen but here looks pretty flawless. Now let’s pop in Power Rangers and try out some Dolby vision playback I’m going to try this out on sony’s a1e LED.

LG UBK90 cyber monday


It looks like this player doesn’t support sony’s implementation of ability division, so that’s going to be a no-go. I’ve now switched displays, and this is now being played back on a Vizio m-series television and as you can see Dolby vision is supported here and it works fine now let’s try some 4k Netflix training. This is lost in space, and it does stream 4k and Dolby vision also the audio is output as will be digital plus I’ve tried this on the Sony television as well and it only streams in standard HDR and notability vision.

Why pick LG UBK90 on Black Friday?

Now let’s go and try the YouTube app this is LG’s own demo video. It does indeed stream in 4k and HDR so my initial impressions of the unit are that image quality looked impressive. I hadn’t noticed any weird anomalies streaming quality look just as good as disc playback, but that depends on your network connection at the time of this video there are only two apps which are Netflix and YouTube so that could change with future updates.

Final Verdict

I have heard some horror stories of last year’s up9 70 being plagued with noisy disk drives while playing back movies and I can safely say that my new unit here is running rather quietly also there was no freezing or stuttering. So it would seem that they have addressed those problems that users were experiencing on the older model bill quality is pretty much identical to last year’s player which to be honest is kind of plasticky feeling and cheap it just doesn’t exceed a premium also feel.

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