LG Stylo 4 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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Are you looking for LG Stylo 4 Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for LG Stylo 4 Cyber Monday new sales and discounts.

LG Stylo 4 Black Friday Deals 2021

The style of four the specs this is an HD phone 6.2-inch screen 2160 by 1080 and 390 ppi so it gets a pretty bright processors a snapdragon 450 and some some other versions it has a media track.

lg stylo 4 black friday


It’s 2 gigabytes of ram the battery is 3,200 milliamps and I’ve used this for like few weeks has a pretty good battery life because I’m actually not using this as a phone I’m just using this as you know kind of like it just to use it at home as a wi-fi device read my emails play something like gaming so I put this on airplane mode and I get days without needing it to charge I also got the stylus.


The stylus you just pull this out there it’s pretty easy as you can see if the speakers are here it’s a usbc and they also has a headphone jack most phones don’t have a headphone jack now but this one’s still got a headphone jack so that’s really good and I also have like the usb see so yeah this is a stylus looks pretty well you can like capture things write a memo around the screen. Check out Moto G7 Black Friday Deals.


I got a fingerprint sensor I just pressed that it’s pretty smooth pretty snappy you see that there’s like no lag it’s like really fast no problems at all just opens the mask let you know how fast it is hoping temple on and run oh yeah absolutely no lag it’s pretty fast no issues at all let me just close that out and yeah see like scrolling through no lag I really like I was very surprised for a mid-range processor and no lag.



The body like I got your volume rocker on the left these two right here tactile buttons and power buttons on the right side I’ve got one camera the 13 megapixel f 2.2 front is five megapixel shoots hd videos at 30 frames per second and around the edge of this phone is a metallic frame so it’s feels premium the back is plastic and I’ve heard that it’s easily scratches so if you guys buy this phone you guys should get a case make sure it doesn’t scratch that’s about six ounces.

lg stylo 4 black friday deals

Why pick LG Stylo 4 on Black Friday?

The Fewster ds it’s not super light but like it has that premium feel has a good weight to it lot of versions of the style of four have a dual band wi-fi but I found that this Tracfone version only has a single band wi-fi does not have the dual band ac because I have a router as man but it seems like you only find one one one band so this is running on android eight oreo I’m not sure if this will ever be updated but just waiting, for now, to end seaville update to android 9 so if we’re lucky it will so over all pros about this that it’s really it’s inexpensive it has a good battery big screen hd screen 1080 you can look at the bezels it has that modern look good quality build and a smooth os.

Final Verdict

I don’t really notice any lag the cons like this only comes with 16 gigabytes but as I said before summer just comes with 32 but there’s not only a 16 only has 2 gigabytes of ram it’s locked not that it matters to me because I’m just using this as like a tablet and the back scratches easily but overall do I recommend it yes I do it’s inexpensive and as you know it works 10 times better than a fire tablet and yeah it’s just a good device for kids to play games.

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