LG C9 OLED Memorial Day Sales 2022

Are you looking for LG C9 Series Smart OLED TV Memorial Day 2022? This article will give you a complete guide for LG C9 black friday or Cyber Monday new sales and discounts.

LG C9 Memorial Day Sale 2022

The latest OLED TV technology from LG is a perfect combination for the prestige and luxurious nature. LG is making a splash with their OLED technology which has got me excited is this transparent OLED TV behind it.

We’ve got an LCD panel, and then in front of it, we’ve got an OLED display which is about 45 percent transparent, and it’s going to be incredible for art. It’s going to be great for brands to use in stores.

lg c9 memorial day sale

Best OLED TV for Movie and Gaming

The LG Display section has always dreamed of having an excellent TV set up like gaming, movies, etc. The overall setup user experience and some of the benefits of OLED technology in TVs / LCD TVs. If you want the best and most color-accurate picture quality, it is the only way because there is no backlight like LCD TVs.

LG C9 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2022

The individual pixels are responsible for emitting light themselves, so no light bleeding, etc. If there is a black part of an image, the pixels in that area will completely shut off, leading to true deep blacks and a much higher contrast ratio.


LG refers to this as authentic emissive color, and they have three more critical features with this TV, there’s everywhere view in layman’s terms viewing angles. Wherever you are sat, the picture looks great, particularly handy of course for group gatherings for movies or sport, etc.

LG C9 black friday

Thinner Votive Design

The third key feature is the thinner votive design because the display can be under one millimeter thick due to its OLED nature, which is mad. Even though this TV is enormous, it doesn’t feel like it takes over the room very minimalistic and would work equally well in a family home or a plush modern apartment.

Space gray stand is just as pleasing, and I think it adds to that premium look of the TV unit; of course, you don’t have to use that stand as it can be wall-mounted.

Ocular Guard

The fourth key feature is called the ocular guard, and not a massive fan of the feature’s name, but it is imperative. You probably know that blue light submitted from displays can impact your sleep, for example.

LG C9 cyber monday

Still, its harmful effects can be much worse than this studies have found that blue light can contribute to age-related degeneration as the blue light from our phones and TVs can penetrate all.

Reduce the Harmful Rays

The way through to the retina in your eye and excessive amounts of it are proven to be damaging to light-sensitive cells. Now LG has come up with a way to reduce these harmful rays’ effects on your eyes.

Ocular guard reduces eyestrain by limiting the amount of blue light emitted, and in a few years, your eyes might thank you if they could talk. Of course, now this individual unit is running on LG’s Web OS.

Apps & Android Store

It comes pre-installed with most of the on-demand apps for media streaming, for example, a web browser and places to store pictures and videos to view at the touch of a button to your heart’s content. There is a home dashboard where you can connect to your aerial cable provider and an Android TV box.

LG C9 OLED deals

In the LG app store, you can download plenty of other apps. There isn’t quite as much choice to say on the Google Play Store on Android TV boxes but remember you can, of course, easily connect one of those said devices up to the TV using the HDMI pause.

Screen Saver Mode

There’s also a section where you can select a piece of art to run as a kind of screen saver which is pretty cool if you’re not using your TV. It’ll still add a specific something to your room, although your energy bill won’t thank you in the slightest if you leave that on all day.

The remote is comfy to use and has all the primary shortcut buttons you would expect and, of course, has the handy air Mouse capability, which is fantastic if you’re trying to on-screen type or browse websites, etc.

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