LG 43UN700 B Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Are you looking for LG 43UN700-B Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for LG 43UN700 B cyber Monday new sales and discounts.

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LG 43UN700-B Black Friday Deals 2021

I have a genuine soft spot for professional gear I love a good 1440p 144 Hertz ultra-wide as much as the next guy but a monitor that is just color accurate and precise as possible makes me smile just thinking about it with my channel continuing to grow. I figured it was about time to upgrade my editing monitor and I figured go big or go home right my previous workstation monitor was an HP Zr 27 for tw it’s a 27-inch 2560 by 1440 LED-backlit IPS panel it has 318 it brightness and 1000 to 1 contrast ratio.

While it worked well for providing a decent amount of screen real estate it didn’t come without some serious drawbacks even when I bought the thing eight years ago it has a 12 millisecond response time subpar color accuracy for other IPS panels and zero on-screen display for image adjustment of any kind it also has some by modern standards terribly out of date connectivity options. It was time to move on this behind me is the LG 43 UD seventy-nine be on the surface.

It’s a 43-inch 4k monitor or what most people would consider to be a TV but it goes far deeper than that it is a 4k panel rocking a resolution of 3840 by 2160 and a 60 Hertz refresh rate. It’s an IPS panel that provides superb viewing angles and that thin bezel gives the panel an even more premium feel what isn’t obvious is how excellent this monitor is for productivity and content creation as anyone who’s ever had two monitors will tell you once. Check out Samsung CJ791 Black Friday Deals.

lg 43un700 b black friday

You’ve had two monitors on your desk you’ll never ever go back to using a single one unless you get one of these in the case of the LG 43 it actually provides the same size and pixel density as 421 and a half inch 1080p monitors all that without the hassle of bezels getting in your way and you’re not limited to a 21 and a half-inch full screen either in this case. I’ve got superposition running behind me in the full 43 inches 4k mode for productivity use. I use the Windows key plus an arrow direction to snap the windows to any quadrant that I need them in if you need more options to divide your screen now includes a handy bit of software called on-screen control that lets you snap windows in any arrangement you need a big reason for this monitor purchase was for color accuracy improvements my old HP monitor just wasn’t holding up with the higher bit rates that I’ve been recording in as of late and I was running out of screen real estate when editing video. I don’t have room on my desk for dual 27-inch panels in the current arrangement and I’d likely still be struggling for space.


If I opted to go with dual 24s the 43 UD 79 is by no means perfect for color reproduction but it is factory calibrated and more than enough for a budding content creator like myself. If you’re aiming for more professional color accuracy those screens start at about twelve hundred dollars and go way up from there but at a price point.

The LG sits in a price range that is competitive with most 27 and 32-inch professionally-minded injury level monitors out there one of my favorite features of the LG 43 is likely the input variety LG spared no expense on the underside of the screen with six separate inputs two HDMI 2.0 s with support for up to 4k 60 Hertz 2 HDMI 1.4 s with support for 4k 30 a DisplayPort version 1.2 and USB C with DisplayPort both of which also support 4k 60 Hertz for someone like me. Who is constantly swapping out systems either for testing or to use I do play games here too not needing to unplug a device every time?

I need to switch inputs is awesome but it gets better than that this monitor also supports input splitting and picture-in-picture modes. You can hook up multiple machines to this monitor and use them all at the same time for example nothing stopping me from hooking up that Raspberry Pi-based emulation system.

I built a few weeks back and playing games while my main rig is rendering a video or making a benchmark run on one machine while surfing Reddit on the other this monitor isn’t just a multitaskers dream it’s a multi-system owner dream as well then there’s the content consumption portion of this review watching 4k videos and playing games on this panel is amazing the blacks are fantastic the backlighting is very smooth and uniform across the entire image and there’s no noticeable edge bleed.


There is one issue with the size and it’s one you’re not going to expect that’s at the very edge of the image isn’t sharp it’s more apparent with lighter colors but it’s because of the angle you’re viewing this panel you can see the bezel frame behind the image. It’s only the last one or two millimeters but it does cause the edge of the image to be very soft and it is something worth noting gaming performance is much improved over my previous HP monitor now to be fair to both neither of these are gaming panels LG does claim a 5 millisecond response time and great a great time and playing games. I did not notice any significant input delay at any tested resolution be it at 1080p 1440 or native 4k what was a huge negative with screen tearing on a 21-inch monitor the occasional tear isn’t that big of a deal or even noticeable to some people on a monitor this large though and one that isn’t tuned for variable refresh rates.


The tearing is huge uneven and distracting as hell if you plan on gaming with the screen you’re gonna want to have sync enabled at all times on every game as anything other than a steady and consistent 60 FPS is almost unplayable resolution scaling was a bit of a surprise here as 3840 by 2160 is just double. The dimensions of 1080p you’d expect nearly perfect scaling with 4 pixels to one pixel but you’d be the wrong 1080p winds up with a bunch of soft edges and abrupt jagged lines 1440p on the other hand winds up looking rather sharp on this panel very odd and not the result that I expected I haven’t mentioned the included monitor stand yet primarily because I only used it for three days before. I broke down and had to wall mount this panel my desks are 24 inches deep but that’s still the document comfortably far enough away from this massive screen plus with no height adjustment.

LG 43UN700B Cyber monday

Why pick LG 43UN700-B on Black Friday?

It wasn’t doing itself any favors as far as usability there is a 200 by 200 vest amount on the rear but finding a free-standing or gas piston arm that can support a 27 pound monitor is a bit of a tall order at the end of the day am I satisfied with my purchase. I view the 43 UD 79 has a very odd middle ground when it comes to monitors on one hand it’s a bargain for a factory color calibrated monitor but does cost more than similarly expect 27 and 32 inch models with similar features.

Final Verdict

It supports more inputs than most TVs including DisplayPort and USB C but costs a few hundred dollars more than similar 43 inch 4k TVs it is a true 4k monitor but the DPI is identical to that of a 21 inch 1080p screen which after years of using a 27-inch 1440p does feel like a bit of a step back for me the stand of subpar image scaling isn’t great screen tearing is a major issue in games and the DPI isn’t as high as it could be here but the screen size is tremendous even. If it does take a bit of getting used to the contrast in color are fantastic right out of the box and the flexibility of inputs is second to none.

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