LG 27UL850 W Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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LG 27UL850 W Black Friday Deals 2021

Today I’m going review the lg 27ul850 4k monitor, so I’ll quickly run you through the main specs’s an ultra hd 4k ips display at 27 inches. I’ll usspecsectivity so you can charge your laptop at up tohd0 watts. It’s got inbuilt speakers, and it’s an hdr display that runs at 60 hertz. Anyway, I’m going to unbox this see what’s inside and then I’m going to take a few weeks to get to know it and then I’ll come back with my thoughts all right. We’ve got our monitor stand. It’s got that sort of brushed metal feel that you know it is similar to what you’d find on an apple product, so that’s pretty nice. We got a power cable. We got a usb-c cable. We’ve got a displayport cable, and then we’ve got an hdmi cable, so multiple different options on how to connect this monitor to your computer. We’ve got this little thing here which I’m thinking is a cable management hook or system a cd. Check out Acer Predator Gaming x34 deals.

LG 27UL850 W Black Friday

I don’t know who uses these anymore, but there’s a cd that doesn’t even have a cover’s how much they think you care about it. We’ve got some other instructional material as well, uh there’s the big power brick that’s pretty chunky. Then we got the monitor, uh to stand right here so with all the accessories out of the way, let’s get to the monitor, so there’s our monitor, so it’s wideout the back, and at the front, the bezels are tiny the biggest ones on the bottom here but yeah that looks gorgeous. So I’m going to take some time to get to know this monitor, test it out, and I’ll come back with my thoughts, so I’ve been using the monitor for a couple of months now, and overall it’s been a positive experience.



I just want to quickly recap the specs of this monitor so it’s a 4k ultra hd hdr monitor so playback and editing of 4k videos is excellent on this the max refresh rate of this monitor is 60 hertz but for my purposes editing 4k videos that’s more than enough in terms of input connections we have two hdmi ports one display port one usb c port that can actually provide 60 watts of power to your laptop device. You’ve got two usb 3 type a ports so if you want to charge your phone for instance off this, you can do that. Finally, there’s a 3.5-millimeter headphone port as well the monitor also features inbuilt 5 watt stereo speakers which is quite handy and although they’re not the best sounding speakers. They’d get the job done and I’ll give you a demonstration of how they sound compared to the macbook pro speakers later in the video now in terms of gaming performance the website touts some gaming features on this monitor.



However I’ll be honest I’m not really a gamer myself so I can’t really comment on those features I will note though that this display only goes up to 60 hertz so if you’re a gamer after a really snappy high refresh rate then this isn’t the monitor for you in terms of the quality of the display. I’ve been pretty happy with it very sharp very bright and vibrant colors I will note that the panel has a little bit of backlight bleeding when you’re displaying a completely black screen in this particular setup you’ll see that I’m using a mono amount to hold up the display but the monitor does of course come with its own stand.

27UL850 W black friday

Why pick LG 27UL850-W on Black Friday?

If you want to check out my review of the monitor mount that I’m using here I’ll leave a link to that in the description below to mount this monitor onto your own boom arm it’s really quite simple because it’s got a 100mm visa standard mount interface. Still, if you don’t like that option then it obviously comes with its own stand. I’ll show you how that works right now so here’s the mono on the stand if you don’t have a boom arm to put it on and it’s a sturdy stand it works great does the job I don’t particularly like the look of the rounded base but it is what it is it’s completely adjustable in height like.

Final Verdict

The other cool thing is that you can rotate it 90 degrees as well so if you prefer to have your monitor vertical that’s an option as well so now I’m going to quickly show you the performance of the speakers now in my opinion the speakers they do their job but they do sound a little muffled so the high ends aren’t very crisp and there’s a real sort of like muffly low end on it too. I’m just going to compare the speakers to the speakers on this 16 inch MacBook pro which are known as some of the best speakers on any laptop available. Hence, it’s a bit of an unfair comparison. Still, I just thought I’d show you both so you could get a little bit more context so that’s my review of this LG 4k monitor so overall again I’m pleased with it probably not going to be a gamers monitor.

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