Keurig K50 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Are you looking for Keurig K50 Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Keurig K50 Cyber Monday’s new sales and discounts.

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Keurig K50 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021

A new Keurig cake coffee machine is a single-serve coffee machine that uses the k-cups you see everywhere this is kind of the base model the model number is actually the k 50.

Keurig K50 Black Friday


It’s base doesn’t mean it’s not got everything you need it’s got less than one minute brew time a 48 ounce reservoir which is not huge but if you’re not a family of tanner you’re not a really serious you know five six cup of coffee I’m morning kind of person 14 ounces will get you through a morning and I’d like to leave water in here for a few days I like to add water every morning three cup sizes it’ll do six like a tea cup eight which is like average but we always use 10 ounce some of our mugs.

I figured out the math we probably have four cups of coffee a day between the two of us so that’s about 1200 a year company added probably another two or three hundred in there so what fifteen thirty year four years six thousand cups of coffee for maybe a hundred bucks for a machine not a bad deal I don’t you know aren’t gonna last forever could I have taken it apart clean it and maybe replaced a part maybe but it’s nice cool and get a brand new keurig once in a while so without much further ado I’m gonna do a quick time opening. Checkout Keurig K15 Black Friday Deals.


This and we’ll talk about I didn’t take through take you through the setup we’re back in real time and keurig has really perfected the art of packaging everything came together there was strapping tape all over the place further parts of old you know perhaps come loose during transit you’ve got your 48 ounce reservoir here where you pull off lift up and pull out just fill that up with a pitcher of water or via the sink the lid goes on there that nest right on the side the front has the drip tray where you put your cup this comes apart for easy cleaning because this car is a little spillage life happens right slide that back in place.


The part that accepts the k cup or your screen filter we use screen filters because we just buy starbucks coffee and put put it in the filters we don’t actually buy the k cups my wife has she just prefers using the reusable screens that is the holds a can’t cup here’s the part that injects the hot water with a little needle puncture the cake up over here you can see the settings and the annunciator panel right here is a little blue light will come out and say to add water descale that’s a new one for this model they’ll tell you when you have too much calcium in there add some vinegar that’s cool.

Keurig K50 Black Friday deals

Why pick Keurig K50 on Black Friday?

The heating light the auto off and the power and then these are your three sizes your 6 8 and 10 ounces and these will light up blue when it’s heated and you just press the appropriate one cord is on the back of this what’s about a about a three foot cord which is consistent with what you want on your kitchen counter if you hear little noise in the background that’s because my middle-schooler just came home and her puppy german shepherd is going nuts anyway so that’s a keurig it comes ready to go within about two or three minutes you need to add.

Final Verdict

The water and add the cake up and we’re gonna try this one out I’ll get an extension cord just so we can try it out on this end of the counter because that into the counter is covered with pumpkin-carving stuff because halloween is just two days away all right we’re back we’re plugged in with an extension cord which is not the recommended way to do it but I’m just doing this to show you how it works here’s what you’d buy a cake up if you’re not familiar with that that just fits right in there and when you close this it punctures it up there and it will run superheated water through there.

The bottom into your cup we’re not going to use this today here’s what I was talking about we use these reusable screens that you just rinse out but they’ll they fit in this little enclosure I’ll fill some just starbucks in there close that and that goes in here but you have to take this piece out first which just pulls out like that if you look they’re remarkably similar in size and shape so tell you I’m gonna take it take it back I already use the cake um that’s truly how it’s supposed to be so line up the arrows on the top I believe caution short needles that’s a good caution okay put my cake up in close that but you need to add water you pull this off and do it in sink.

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