Get Ready for JBL Flip 3 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2023

Prepare to enhance your audio experience this Black Friday with the outstanding JBL Flip 3. As the year’s biggest shopping event approaches, music enthusiasts worldwide eagerly anticipate the opportunity to acquire this outstanding portable Bluetooth speaker at an irresistible price. With its compact size, powerful sound, and robust design, the JBL Flip 3 is the ultimate companion for any adventure.

JBL Flip 3 Black Friday Sales:

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The JBL Bluetooth speaker is my top choice for a first-time Bluetooth speaker and I will share my thoughts on it so far. After thoroughly researching various Bluetooth speakers, I have identified several reasons why I opted for this model and why you should consider it.

jbl flip 3 black friday


The speaker features a sleek fabric mesh design that covers most of its surface, except for the rear portion, which houses buttons and a battery life indicator. It also includes an additional input, allowing you to connect devices directly via cord if they lack Bluetooth functionality. The back of the speaker features a micro USB port, which is protected by a flap to ensure its splash-proof capabilities.

Bluetooth Connection:

The top section of the speaker includes a Bluetooth button, volume control, and a call button. The call button incorporates external noise canceling and echo canceling technologies, ensuring clear and uninterrupted calls. During my usage, the Bluetooth connection worked flawlessly, allowing me to answer calls without any issues.

JBL Flip 3 Cyber Monday


While the speaker is splash-proof, it’s important to note that it is not entirely waterproof. The website mentions that you can rinse it off in the sink if it gets dirty, but it should not be fully submerged in water. Although it can handle water splashes near a poolside setting, it is not designed to be thrown into a pool.

Sound Quality:

The speaker’s sound quality is exceptional, providing ample volume to fill both small and large spaces. Even with one speaker in my living room and another in the kitchen, the entire area is engulfed in high-quality audio. Considering its price point, this speaker offers unmatched sound performance and has received rave reviews from numerous users.

Final Verdict:

There is no denying that the Flip 3 has been a trusted companion in my bag since its release. If I didn’t already own the original Flip 3, I would undoubtedly choose this upgraded version. It is an ideal option for anyone in search of a new Bluetooth speaker.

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