Jaybird X2 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Are you looking for Jaybird X2 Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Jaybird X2 Cyber Monday’s new sales and discounts.

Jaybird X2 Black Friday Deals 2021

The brand new j-bird blue buds x2 that’s right the blue buds the original ones were hugely popular. J-bird was like hey, why not make them better, so that’s exactly what they’ve done, but you won’t really notice at least not in terms of design and not right away, and that’s basically because j-bird put better components into the x2. The first blue buds have been out for a while, and over time better confidence and manufacturing processes became available. Hence, they updated the blue buds here with the x twos, which means you can’t see the difference, but I’m told that the components including the battery are better overall and should last longer so after using them for a few weeks.

jaybird x2 black friday

I can’t opine on that, but I will be discussing everything else about my experience with the x2. By the way, I was lying earlier, there are three things that you’ll notice the x2 number one in the box. you get three sizes of comply foam ear tips which are super comfy and then you also get the three sizes of silicone tips as well number two there are a few different color options for the x2’s like several different colour options.



The first blue buds, so the x 2’s are wireless earphones explicitly designed for sports and fitness that means they connect to your phone via Bluetooth have a rugged design they get out of your way during workouts sweat-resistant.
The Bluetooth connection is terrific. The range is about thirty feet, which is standard for the technology, but I never encountered connection issues from having my body in the way or my phone in my pocket. I’ve had this issue with other wireless sport earphones, and it’s no Bueno, so I was happy with the blue buds x2s.

Now in terms of design, they have ear tips that go all the way into your ear canal and do a phenomenal job of isolating the sound you can be at the gym. You won’t be distracted by all of the sounds around you. Still, whenever splendid you get an earphone that completely seals off your ear canal, you’re going to get a little bit fatigued after a while, and you’re going to want to pop them out to kind of you know like let things breathe.

I previously mentioned that the x2 has come with six pairs of ear tips, but they also come with three different sized ear fins to best fit and lock in your ear the one thing is because they’re pretty customizable and they have different sizes and adjustments.


It will take a bit of trial and error to find the right placement in your ear, which may or may not be a good thing. Still, you’re going to have to fiddle around with them for a while, but when you do get that right fit, the x twos are super secure. They’re not going to be slipping around on you in the middle of your workout the other way you can adjust the x twos is how you wear them you don’t have to wear them straight up and down like standard earphones you can wrap them around your ear and use or not use the fins.

This is like the sporty or mode you also can pull out the cable management pieces that way you can wrap the core through them, and then the heart doesn’t hang on the back of your neck I can see the value here. Still, I kept the x 2’s in the under your position because I almost exclusively used them at a gym. I did take them biking and running. Still, I noticed that because they stick out of your ear quite a bit, the wind noise is loud, it was like howling almost.

I don’t think there’s anything jaybird can do about this because you’ve got to store the battery and driver somewhere. Still, it did pretty much stopped me from using them while I was biking. They do have great battery life, though, so I was getting plenty of gym workouts to make up for all of the not cycling that I was doing.

jaybird x2 black friday deals


I think I was getting like eight hours if not more on a single charge and charge very fast there was one time where I was driving the 24-hour fitness, and I plugged them in on my car ride, and I had just enough juice for a single workout is pretty awesome, and then they also have voice prompts to alert you about 20 minutes before the battery dies it also helps you with connecting your phone and then turning on and off the headphones.

Now moving down the x2s, the first thing is the cable. It’s this soft silicon material that is both durable and quite lovely against your skin, and it doesn’t stick to your neck the way that other headphones do when you start to sweat a lot.

Why pick Jaybird X2 on Black Friday?

Then also it’s tangle-resistant so throw them in your bag and then when you pull them out you won’t have to take out knots before you do bench I like the cable the next thing is the controller which also houses the mic it will work with a bunch of different smartphones. It’s pretty cool it can do a lot it’s similar to what you’ll see on the monster super slim’s.

It has a standard button layout, but the controls aren’t quite what you’re used to for example to skip a track you hold the volume up button there’s a bunch of other powers like this they are intuitive. Still, they’re not what you’re used to necessarily so make sure you consult that user manual.

Final Verdict

How’s the audio quality seriously it’s amazing just like it was on the first generation blue buds the bass is deep. The sound is super clear I actually think these are the best wireless sport earphones that I’ve used in terms of audio quality so if you want good music the axe two is definitely deliver. I think that’s what I would say about them overall these are perfect wireless support earphones they’re not perfect. Still, I think a lot of you guys are going to enjoy using them.

I can’t say that they’re going to last any longer or they’re any better than the original blue buds, but I’m told that the components like I said before are better so that may or may not be worth it for you I can say however I dig the design I love the sound isolation and that audio quality is fantastic so if you’re in the market for new workout earphones or headphones definitely give the x2s a look.

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