Jackery Portable Power Station 240 Black Friday Deals 2021

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Jackery Portable Power Station 240 Black Friday Deals 2021

Giant battery pack portable power generator thing one of those for all this other stuff I was looking for something that I could charge my equipment with that’ll be kind of useful kind of small affordable.

Jackery Portable Power Station 240 Black Friday


I don’t have to use gasoline like most generators you got to use gasoline so I was looking for something that was electric and that was affordable and this is what I found so we’re gonna go take a look at it and get into the details of it so the portable power station.


I picked up it’s made by the company called jakhary power outdoors and this model is the explorer 160 so that’s the official name of it portable power station so there it is right there so you know says right here ideal for yada yada yada I don’t even care honestly so we’ll go to the side show you some of the things that it has so has an led light right here and then it has a dc input dc output and then it has a little led screen that tells you how much battery has in yada has two usb ports and it also has a usb see out so for you new mac people that have usb see it’s pretty good.


It also has your standard like wall plug right here and then there’s a couple ways to charge it so you can use a solar panel which is sold separately so if this thing actually works pretty well I’ll pick up the solar panel check that out and then you can charge it through these 12-volt dc which takes five hours and then a wall outlet which takes five hours so not too bad at all and then this side you just got a nice hot chick then on this side so it shows what a power is obviously phones laptops drones and cameras so definitely something that we want to check out.

Jackery Portable Power Station 240 Black Friday Deals


What’s in there top the box right here I’m gonna crack this sucker open see what’s in here oh that’s cute looking a little social media thing it’s shaped like the power generator how cute the bike got a user manual so we’ll take a look through that on our own time see how this thing works also got a little pouch in here I’m guessing this is like some kind of wiring whatever you used to charge it, okay yeah so looks like it’s a car charger in so you can use a car charger on this and then you can actually charge it with the car charger which is pretty cool and then this is actual power thing for it.

Why pick Jackery Portable 240 on Black Friday?

It is right there so yeah that’s what it is to charge it put all that back in the bag leader and then holy crap that’s tiny yikes but that is small my friends let me see if I can grab something for comparison okay just to show you how tiny this thing is first of all that’s my hand so this thing’s small that’s a bottle of body armor shout-out to body armor I drink a lot of those but anyways wow this thing is tiny.

Final Verdict

You have two usb ins you have a usb see out so you have a little button right there to control that then you have a display then you have dc in dc out and on the side is where you have your actual plug so it’s a wall outlet pretty cool and then it has a led light on the front you can already turn it on that’s pretty cool so yeah that’s pretty much it I’m gonna get this thing charged and then we get started on it for all my tech guys everybody wants to know the actual information on there so that is right there so you could pause the video check it out there we can know all the inputs all the outputs and you know the capacity and whatnot.

We got this thing on box we’re gonna do next is I’m going to get a fully charged and then we’re gonna test it out this weekend at the donation take over and then we’ll test out another couple trips for the next couple weeks then we’re gonna come right back here and I’m gonna give you guys my feedback on it let you know doesn’t suck do you want to get one or do you want to get a better one.

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