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Ivacy VPN:

It’s yet another VPN that claims to be the best. Let’s take a closer look at Ivacy VPN, a Singapore based company whose apps have been downloaded and used by millions of people all over the world. (air whooshing) Welcome to another VPN review here on All Things Secured.  In this comprehensive Ivacy review, I’m gonna give you a quick look at the desktop and mobile apps. We’re going to dive into the features and claims they make. And then we’re gonna look at the company behind the software.

Ivacy VPN review

I’ll wrap it up with my summary and recommendations which you can skip to now if you like to use these chapter markers here. Ivacy VPN is an app that is designed to encrypt your internet data between your device and a VPN server. The connection that is meant to add an extra layer of security to existing encryption measures like HTTPS and others. As with any VPN, Ivacy is not the end all be all solution for your personal online security needs. Listen to me carefully, you should never rely on a single piece of software to secure you 100% of the time. That been said, Ivacy offers an easy way to stream global content, securely download files, and evade internet censorship. And as you’ll see in just a moment, they do so with a beautifully designed suite of apps that have been slowly iterated since they first launched the service in 2007.

Ivacy VPN Black Friday Deals

So before I start talking about the different, features, benefits, let me jump onto my desktop computer and give you a look at the software. So when I first open up Ivacy on my computer and log in, this is what you’re gonna see right here. And this is common on a lot of VPNs where you just have a big power button and then the ability to choose from servers in a number of different countries. So you can choose by country. You can choose by specific cities here, but what really makes Ivacy unique is that here on the left side, you can actually choose the best server based on what you’re wanting to do, whether that securely downloads files, stream, or unblock censored content. So if we wanna do secure downloading, we have the ability to choose specific servers that are for PTP downloading. And there’s a limited number here that you can choose from. If you’re looking for streaming, it allows you to look and choose specific types of services that you wanna stream.

ivacy vpn black friday deal

Now, really all they’re doing is they’re gonna be connecting you to the servers from the country for which that streaming service requires. So for example, Netflix US is gonna connect you to a US server, whereas BBC is gonna connect you to a server in the UK. And then finally unblocking just gives you the ability to search. And this is where, you do wanna search for the United States or you can search for, a country that is closer to yourself. If you want to go to Singapore and connect to Singapore, but really it just allows you to choose the server that you want.


The My Account is just gonna show you exactly your user ID and how long your plan is. You can install this onto the devices and then the settings is surprisingly thin. I can tell it where I want it to start the app. I can have it start in the unblocking section or start in the secure downloading. And then really it just boils down to, where I wanna connect which you’re gonna notice missing here at least on this Mac version is it doesn’t give me the ability to connect to different protocols, different connection protocols. I don’t have a VPN kill switch on Mac but it’s available on Windows and Android. So there are some discrepancies like there are many VPNs between the settings that are available on different platforms and Mac OS is surprisingly thin here.

We’re gonna look in just a moment at the iOS to see what’s different, but really that’s all we’ve got. So I’m going, when I connect to a server, it’s just gonna take a couple seconds to find that. I’ve got to allow that connection. If this is the first time that I’m using Ivacy on this particular computer, and then it’s gonna show me where I’m connected. Great. Now, let’s transition to my iPad where you can see how the mobile app functions. So I’m here on the Ivacy App on my iPad, which only supports portrait mode interestingly, not landscape mode. So it looks exactly like I would like it would if I was using my phone, but like a lot of VPN apps right now, it’s just got this big power button, which if I’m set to automatic and I choose that power button, it’s going to find the fastest available server, which is usually the nearest one in my case, Malaysia, and then connect to that server.

Why Ivacy VPN?

So I’m gonna go ahead and disconnect here and show you one of the reasons why a lot of people find this a very easy to use app, especially if you’re not tech savvy, is that it breaks it down into three primary reasons why you would be using VPN, streaming, downloading and unblocking. So if I were to say, “I’m gonna stream.” and I’m gonna stream to BBC, it’s going to connect me automatically to a server in the UK. And then it’s gonna give me the option where it’ll just automatically move me over to BBC iPlayer. I don’t wanna do that right now, but that just makes it a little bit easier and more user friendly. So I can scroll through which TV service I want to be watching. It’s not necessarily going to mean that I have that I have a login for those services, but it just means that I’m a connect to the appropriate VPN for that. If I wanted to do secure downloading, I can turn on secure downloading. So it’s gonna choose specific peer-to-peer servers. And then if I wanted to just general unblocking, that’s going to allow me to search for specific countries where I would connect to those servers.

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So that’s the purposes side. I could go into the locations and just search for specific countries or specific cities. In general, I would recommend unless you need to connect to a specific city or country that you just go with automatic to connect to the fastest server. And then up here in the settings, you’re gonna find a couple of different things. First of all, the protocols, if you remember back in Mac, there was no option to change your protocols. In iOS, I’ve got the choice between IKEv2 and IPSec. And you’ve go different choices you can do open VPN for Windows and Android, but that’s not available for Mac and iOS devices. So it’s slightly different depending on which platform you’re using. They do offer something called On-Demand, which is kind of a reverse split tunnel.

Ivacy Cyber Monday

What this means is I could say that I want, their service to be on all the time, but I don’t wanna review you right now. I can enable specific domains. Whenever I am connecting to in logging onto a specific server. So let’s say I’ve set up Facebook or all things secured, when I start logging on to those websites, because I’ve set them up as domains, Ivacy VPN will automatically turn on encryption for the VPN encryption so that when I’m on those, I am encrypted. That’s a really interesting setting right there, but really that’s about all you’ve got here.

Final Verdict:

If you’re gonna log into a TV, they make it easy to do so using a mobile, your mobile app, and just connecting with a QR code instead of having to type in a password, which if you’ve ever tried to do that with a remote is extremely frustrating. And that’s really, yeah It’s a simple app that works really seamlessly. It’s easy to use, especially for those who aren’t necessarily tech-savvy. So like I said, beautiful apps for desktop and mobile devices that are incredibly simple to install and use. As far as features go, I wanna distinguish between standard VPN features and those that are unique to the Ivacy software. For example, Ivacy offers 256-bit encryption for all their connections.

Thousands of servers all across the globe, unlimited bandwidth, and no logs policy and internet kill switch, although it’s only for Windows and Android and a 30 day money back guarantee. But, every VPN offers these features or at least they should. So what are the features that make Ivacy unique? First, they give you a generous 10 simultaneous connections, which means that you can connect 10 different devices simultaneously to their servers on the same account. Most VPNs give you somewhere between three and six simultaneous connections. So this is better than most. Ivacy allows users to pay for the service, using a number of different payment options including crypto currency, which surprisingly isn’t standard in the VPN world. Keep in mind though that the 30 day money back guarantee is not honored for those that purchase using cryptocurrency.

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