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This is Gabe at Security Baron. Today, we’re reviewing the VPN IPVanish, which claims to have your Internet activities simply vanish. In today’s review of IPVanish, we’re going to look at its pros and cons, features, run speed, and leak tests. Look at its subscription options, customer support, and, finally, mobile applications, so you’ll have all the information you need to make the right decision. If you’d like to see a list of our favorite VPNs, google, “Security Baron, best VPNs.” If you have a question about today’s video, leave us a comment, and I’ll get back to you. Let’s look at the pros and cons of IPVanish, beginning with the pros.

You can connect up to 10 devices simultaneously, you can torrent files, and it has pretty impressive speeds for VPN. When it comes to some of the cons, I would really focus on one, which is that IPVanish is based in the United States, which makes it a part of several international surveillance alliances like Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, and Fourteen Eyes. Now, we’ve gone over the pros and cons for IPVanish, let’s look at its feature set beginning with data logging. IPVanish does not log the websites you go to, how long you use them or any type of Web traffic activity like that. They do log, what they call non-personal data, which is essentially the operating system that you’re using, the browser type, and, basically, how long you’ve been on IPVanish.

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They definitely log a little bit more than other companies. In 2016, the Department of Homeland Security did issue them the summons. They complied handing over this certain data. In 2017, they were acquired by a new company. The CEO of that company recommitted the company to a no-logging policy via a Reddit thread. They definitely have committed themselves to not doing any type of data logging beyond what we just went over. When it comes to a kill switch feature and employing that mechanism to ensure that any browsing or things you’re doing with a Web app are not leaked in the case that IPVanish goes out. They actually do have that. You shouldn’t have to worry about your information getting out there or being exposed because the kill switch feature or network lock feature is employed with IPVanish.

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The next feature that we’ll go over for IPVanish is split tunneling. Split tunneling allows you to be on the public network and a private network at the same time, because maybe there are some things you want to be on the public network and some things you want to be on the private network. On top of that, it does reduce bandwidth giving you a faster Internet experience. Fortunately, IPVanish does provide split tunneling. Finally, when it comes to Netflix access, there are a little bit more than a handful of servers on IPVanish that allow you to log into Netflix. It’s not going to be each and every server, but you can definitely use Netflix with IPVanish. We’ve gone over our pros, our cons, and our features for IPVanish. It’s time to run a few tests. I’m going to run a speed test, DNS leak test and WebRTC leak test. The way I do this, in terms of our control group, is I use a MacBook Air, an Asus VivoBook in my Brooklyn apartment on the optimum network. I want to provide you with a little bit of background on how we’re going to conduct these tests. Let’s begin with the speed test.

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When it comes to downloading speed on my Mac, it only slowed down about 15 percent compared to 62 percent on my Windows computer, which is a little rough. When it comes to uploading speed, the computers were more closely aligned. With my MacBook Air, there was a decrease in the upload speed of about 17 percent and only about 25 percent on the Asus VivoBook. The final thing I’ve tested was ping, otherwise known as latency. This is the one category that the Windows computer actually beat the Mac. It only increased to 15 milliseconds with the VPN compared to 14 without the VPN. For you percentage people out there, seven percent more latency. On the Mac, my latency went from 14 milliseconds to 16 milliseconds or a difference of about 14 percent. Overall, both computers did pretty well when it comes to speed test. The Mac was, overall, faster.

The next test that we’re going to run is the DNS leak test. DNS or Domain Name Server is basically what happens when you go to a website like securitybaron.com. There’s an underlying IP address there. You want to keep that in your private tunnel. You don’t want that information to leak out. Fortunately, in our test, IPVanish passed. Then, we ran a WebRTC leak test or Web Real-Time Communication, which is essentially when two devices or computers are linked directly together for things like the exchange of large files, video chatting, or live streaming, you still want to maintain that privacy. Fortunately, when we ran our tests for WebRTC leaks, once again IPVanish passed with flying colors. Hold on, quick break. IPVanish is based in the United States. It’s a part of various international surveillance alliances. How do you feel about VPN based in the United States? With any of these options, you have a seven-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t like it in that first week, you can get your money back.


We’ve seen some money-back guarantees that are a little bit better, even up to 45 days, but a lot of them are only three days. It’s a nice middle ground of sorts. Those are my thoughts and the subscription options for IPVanish. Let’s check out customer support with IPVanish. Right off the bat, IPVanish goes a little bit above and beyond when it comes to customer support options. Of course, they have an online Help Center that has FAQs and tutorials to help guide you through any issues you may have with their VPN. They also have email support, phone support, and a great live chat feature. With that live chat feature, there’s something called query queue, which allows you to know where you are in line to have a real human being answer your question. In our case, we never waited longer than five minutes, which is pretty impressive. Let’s see what other people thought. If you look at Amazon, they have a 3.8 out of 5-star rating.

That’s with over 3,200 reviews. If you do a search for customer support of the 15 that are there, 13 are negative. That is a bit of a caveat because when you look at anything post-2017, they do much better. That’s when IPVanish really overhauled their customer support system adding these live chats and phone support. That really bears out when you look at their Trustpilot ratings. With Trustpilot, they have over 2,000 reviews. Of those 2,000 reviews, you cannot search by customer support. We went through the first few pages. Each review post-2017 post the implementation of a new customer support. It was really positive.

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They seem to be having a very clear positive trajectory when it comes to their customer support. The final element that we’ll review today for IPVanish are the mobile applications. You can use IPVanish on Linux, Chromebooks, Windows, and Macs. Today, we’re going to focus on how Android and iPhone users feel about using it. In the Google Play Store, it does pretty well. It has a 3.5 out of 5-star rating. In the App Store, it does even better with 4.5 out of 5 stars. People seem to really enjoy their experiences on their mobile devices. Let’s go ahead and check it out on my iPhone 10. Let’s check out IPVanish on my iPhone 10. You’ll see at the top, it has your public IP address, your location. Let’s just pick a country. The last one I went to was Columbia.

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We can hit, Connect. VoilĂ , here I am in Colombia now. Looking at Colombia, let’s go to the next one. Let’s hit that gear at the top-right for our settings, see the different options. Let’s go to the top-left corner, click here. You’ll see the various servers. Overall, if you look, for example, now that we’re in Lisbon, Portugal, it’s pretty straight forward. I like that I can go and choose in the app from a different way. I can go in one part and choose a country or I can just go to servers in general. I’ll just go through the entire list and choose a country, so I can just decide on where I want to be. From the servers list or even if I disconnect, I can go and choose from another place.

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Final Verdict:

Overall, it’s really useful, really intuitive, and it’s a solid app for your VPN needs. We’ve come a long way with IPVanish, and you want to know is it the right VPN for you. Honestly, it checks a lot of the boxes. It’s fast, it has a really solid mobile application, you can use Netflix, you can split tunnel. It got a lot going for it. It is based in the United States, which is a part of various international surveillance alliances like Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, and, Fourteen Eyes. That’s something to be mindful of. When it comes to overall experience with the VPN, we’re very happy with IPVanish. That concludes our review of IPVanish. If you appreciated today’s video, give us a like and hit that Subscribe button. As always, this is Gabe at Security Baron. Be secure.

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