iLIVING ILG8E18-15 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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iLIVING ILG8E18-15 Black Friday Deals 2021

Fan looks good and is very nice overall well made and perfect for what I need I used zip ties to rig the handle to the side of the gazebo to provide relief during the summer heat.


It’s sturdy well made in perfect size fan seems very sturdy and is pretty quiet it has a long pull chain so you can hang it pretty high pushes a lot of air I would rate a five overall but one of the fans we received was missing the bolt so I lowered the score to a four when I put in my new grille gazebo I did not realize that its aluminum roof would gather heat during the day making the inside pretty warm I started researching outdoor fans and the iliving was the best I found either at the big box improvement stores or online this fan is terrific I got the 14 inches and all three speeds are useful the strongest is such a strong blast I normally use the middle setting it comes with a long pull chain that is easily snipped to the size that works best.


The power cord six feet so you may need an extension like I did for the best match be sure you get a three plug round black cable in typical 14 gauge I really like the inexpensive one from woods also available on amazon it’s a perfect match be sure you get an extension cord for outdoor use what hardware is included how to attach the fan there are two holes on the steel bracket that comes attached to the back of the fan it’s easy to install I bought some nuts and bolts on my own that best fit the metal frame I was attaching it to one hole is larger than the other so two different sizes are needed two healthy sized wood screws are included but I needed a nut and bolt for my use attaching to metal does it swivel.

iLIVING ILG8E18-15 Black Friday deals

Why pick iLIVING ILG8E18-15 on Black Friday?

You decide if you prefer side to side or front to back because I needed to orient the included bracket horizontally it swivels front to back for my use or perpendicular to the bracket see my picture with fan attached to gazebo side closing parenthesis if you need it to swivel in all directions depending on your available space for hardware you will need to pick up an additional bracket such as an l bracket is it noisy just the sound of the wind it makes really well built solid and no rattles can it work on a timer absolutely that’s how I use mine plugged into a pool spot type of timer that.

Final Verdict

You choice hours you wish it to be running it also works fine with newer smart timers that work of phone apps etc strong and quiet outdoor fan I had it installed by an electrician with a wall switch works great mounting on the gazebo took some engineering otherwise I would have given it a five-fifths powerful fan well-built and a decent value it’s only been up for a month or so we’ll see how it stands up over time we recently installed a awning over our back deck because the deck is built in the corner between the house and garage the breeze can be limited especially with the awning so we needed something to move the air under the awning this fan works great I mounted it on the deck railing I had to build a bracket but simple to mount.

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