ILIFE V3s Pro Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Are you looking for ILIFE V3s Pro Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for ILIFE V3s Pro cyber Monday’s new sales and discounts.

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ILIFE V3s Pro Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021

My life is a fast-growing robot vacuum company with a lot of high-end versions but the v 3s is one of their cheapest models one of the main things that separates it from. A standard brush roll but instead just a suction port means that the v 3s is only meant to be used for hard floors and very low pile carpets and while it did decently on carpets and our tests as we’ll see it really should only be considered if you have mostly hard floors in your home that being said it’s really good with hard floors it has a lot of power which is really important for hard floors. Check out Miele Complete C3 Black Friday.

ILIFE V3s Pro Black Friday


We measured its air flow at 16.4 cfm on its one power setting so just to touch under some of the most expensive robot vacuums in the market like the Roomba 980 or the new Roomba I 7 I was really surprised to see this very inexpensive robot dominate the crevice pick up test in fact it was the first robot vacuum I’ve ever seen to clear all the debris even really expensive models barely make a dent here I chalked this up primarily to the suction only design it did scattered debris around a bit with its two very large side brushes maybe a little more than with the Roombas and similar robots but not by much and it did pick up all the debris in the tests from fine debris to pet hair to extra-large debris, in general, I was very impressed with its hard floor performance at least for vacuum in this price range.


This vacuum for carpets but it did do better than I was expecting on our low pile carpet test picking up a good portion of the debris though it did seem to have trouble with pet hair on carpet our carpet deep clean test may be a little unfair since without a brush roll it’s severely handicapped but it did only pick up 30% of the sand in our deep clean test which is the lowest score I’ve ever seen and by quite a bit one area where it did really well was with its edge cleaning here again it beat all the others in this series with its two extra-long side brushes as far as navigation.


It’s no surprise that at this price it’s a random navigation bot meaning that it random he bounces around to clean rooms, in general, it was as good as expected but much like the similarly priced d bought in 79 it had a few missed spots especially around the charger but this is the nature of random bots and they typically will get them as spots in the second attempt the battery life is really good life says it can get between 90 and 110 minutes per charge depending on the terrain which is extremely good but like most robot vacuums in this price range it will basically keep running until its battery life is almost depleted before it returns to the charger.

ILIFE V3s Pro Black Friday Deals

Why pick ILIFE V3s Pro on Black Friday?

The v3s is so far the only robot vacuum we have tested in this series that does not have an app download which isn’t a huge deal as you can scheduled cleanings on the remote or change modes. It has an edge cleaning mode or a spot mode where it cleans in a spiral pattern or it has directional buttons in case you want to direct it towards a spot it keeps missing a few negative things or that the dustbin is extremely small we measured it at around 1/2 a cup which is the smallest I’ve ever seen it’s also kind of a pain to empty as it has a screen that you have to remove first another issue is that it doesn’t come with any barriers like magnetic tape to keep it from going into areas that you don’t want it to so unless you have a clutter free house you may find it getting stuck a lot more than usual it doesn’t do good with black carpet.

Final Verdict

The drop sensors think it’s a cliff but almost no robot vacuums can clean black carpet either and since you probably won’t be using this for carpet anyway it’s not a big deal so I would say the best thing about the ilife of e3s is the price it has a lot of power and battery life it’s pretty good at cleaning hard floors and edges but if you have carpets or need a bigger dustbin.

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