HP Spectre X360 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Are you looking for HP Spectre X360 Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for HP Spectre X360 Cyber Monday’s new sales and discounts.

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HP Spectre X360 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021

The hp Spectre x-360 now I’ve never actually seen the XPS 13 two and one before, so I can’t make any comparisons between those two particular devices. I will compare the specter x360 against just a standard laptop even though traditional laptops are going to be cheaper because they don’t need that problematic folding hinge.

HP Spectre X360 Black Friday


X360 is made from anodized aluminum, and it is very rigid. The screen assembly has a little bit of flex when you twist it. Still, it’s very minimal. The top case has zero flex. Still, the keyboard itself has a little bit of giving if you press hard in the keyboard center. The hinge is excellent; it’s one of the best hinges that I’ve seen so far. The tension is perfect; it’s a one-hand open. Still, stiff enough to not move at all when you tap on it and with a tiny screen wobble to achieve all three of those things simultaneously is something you rarely see outside.

The most expensive laptops now since we’re already talking about the hinge, I also want to bring up the screen. You’ll see why in a little bit, you have three options with this. There’s a 1080p screen, a 1080p with a privacy filter, and a 4k AMOLED without a privacy filter. The XPS 13 does not have that ole adoption. The unit that I’m reviewing is the 1080p privacy filter display, and this thing measures exceptionally well if you just looked at the specs.


This thing you would say is one of the best displays of any laptop period. It’s brighter than the 13-inch MacBook Pro. It’s the second brightest display I’ve measured so far, just behind the XPS 13, but I mean that’s an entirely different device even ignoring.

The screen size has the highest contrast ratio by far of any laptop that I’ve reviewed, which is particularly impressive for an IPS panel the second-highest is around 1650. On the surface, book 215-inch color accuracy is excellent for most content creators but not entirely professional, like if you want to work with hdr footage, you would need to go beyond the RGB color gamut. Still, I mean very few people do so yeah, on paper, it looks impressive but under no circumstances.


I recommend the privacy filter for one, enabling it looks identical to merely lowering the brightness down like it doesn’t decrease your viewing angles at all. You can still see what’s on your screen even at sharp viewing angles, more importantly.

Hp Spectre X-360 is the real reason I don’t recommend it. The viewing angles are so bad that even with your eyes roughly a foot and a half away from the screen, there is a slight vignette effect. If you don’t know what that is, here’s a dramatic example so the screen edges get a little bit darker, which you might expect for a privacy filter. Still, it goes a little bit further than that if someone uses the touch screen a lot either just usually or as an artist using the included pen.

The viewing angles are so bad that even the tiny amount of screen wobble that would otherwise be unnoticeable becomes quite noticeable. So what I mean is the bottom of the screen gets a little bit brighter and then a little bit darker as the screen vibrates back and forth. That tiny shift in brightness is what’s noticeable and annoying to me.

HP Spectre X360 Black Friday Deals

Why pick HP Spectre X360 on Black Friday?

I’ve bashed on this long enough, but the key takeaway from all of this is that viewing angles are especially crucial with touchscreen laptops. The keyboard uses a 65 percent layout with an extra column on the right the critical travel feels just a little bit short, but it’s very tactile.

It was effortless to get used to within about 10 minutes of typing I was able to get up to my usual 105 words per minute with good accuracy funny story. However, the power button on ironically took me five minutes to find when I first got this device; it’s on the rear left corner if you’re curious. The rationale was that it’d positioned there so you can easily access it on both laptop and tablet form the trackpad uses a smooth frosted glass surface with accurate tracking and acceleration curve something I didn’t expect. Given the I saw this thing it’s ever so slightly on the heavier side not heavy per se, but I’d like to see the weight get reduced just by a little bit.

Final Verdict

I’ve also seen a couple of comments before criticizing particular laptops for not having the trackpad centered against the entire laptop. Still, whenever you have the alpha cluster shifted over to the left, particularly with keyboards with a number pad, you need to center the trackpad.

They sound above average besides the usual lack of bass and detail from bottom-firing these speakers rattle and start to get distorted in the mid-range between 300 to 1,400 hertz. I’m not sure why that is you have two thunderbolts 3s a USB port a headphone jack and a MicroSD slot I like that they designed a hinge for the USB port to fit it into something this thing it’s neat. They also have a physical kill switch for the webcam if you’re someone who cares about your webcam privacy – take off the bottom panel.

You’ll need a Torx t5 screw, and all you have access to is the end to drive the ram. The wi-fi card is both soldered on unfortunately there’s a 61-watt ira battery inside that should get you around nine and a half to ten hours of light use and the charger that they include ends in a USB c plug. I would have liked to have seen one of the thunderbolt three ports move to the laptop’s left side.

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