HP 4NN56AA#ABA Pavilion Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021

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HP 4NN56AA#ABA Pavilion Black Friday Deals 2021

We’re come to be unboxing this today, and keep in mind that there will be a manual and a setup guy coming up as well, so we have a box continuing on this site. That’s just the power adapter right here and the extension query for the power adapter we need. We also have another box there on the side. This must be the keyboard, so the keyboard and Mouse will take you to look at that in a second.

HP 4NN56AA#ABA Black Friday

We have a keyboard mouse and adapter plus batteries on the side of the dr. This means that if they don’t just natively work with the computer, you will have to use this Bluetooth adapter to plug it into the site. I’m not a fan of doing that stuff, but we’re going to do it. We have our Mouse pretty simple Mouse, nothing to it. I mean, it feels cheap. Everything that weighs almost nothing like this house feels cheap to me, but that’s okay; it’s just the Mouse.


I guess standard Mouse has nothing fancy about it, and right here we have, our keyboard feels pretty good. There’s some weight to it. This does not feel cheap like the Mouse is pretty bad, I have to say, but this keyword feels good, feels pretty solid the back feels good. I can see the batteries will go at the end of here. By the way, I will be doing a setup video plus a review and a manual for this computer.

Hence, if you guys want to see it in action and working, then check out those videos. This is an unboxing; we’re going to see precisely that what’s inside the box. Once again, the keyboard feels solid; feels good; a closer look at the doctor you get with the keyboard and Mouse. We’re going to plug this into a computer for it to work, and luckily we do get some batteries that come with the computer for our keyboard and Mouse.


We’re gonna see right here or brick this feels good heaviness to it that’s how they should be an extension cord looks about a meter wouldn’t say it’s more than that so what you see right now is exactly what you’re gonna get inside your box this is it that’s everything that’s inside the box, and that’s why this video is made for you guys to see exactly what you get now. We’re going to do some close-ups at the monitor, which is our all-in-one computer, and that’s it there’s no other separate thing that comes with this is your computer this is your monitor this is everything now what I can tell you is that the monitor itself well the only one computer feels pretty solid you felt heavy actually for the size that it is which is a good thing that means to build quality.

hp 24-xa0032 black friday


so down here there’s this fabric feel to it and it’s fabric yet screen fabric this actually goes great with my studio down here it’s our base it feels like metal and it is metal so that’s what makes this pretty heavy nowhere the back of our monitors one of the most important parts because this word that you guys connect everything okay so these are all the connections that you guys get it’s really great that they included USB see that’s the new thing and I wish there were actually more USB sees but this regular USB right here and we have HDMI out and HDMI in which not all computers I have to say have that right here we have SD card headphones Ethernet and it’s just for powering up your computer right now the back of the computer is pretty solid I’d like to look the whole finish of it it almost has this robotic type of feel to it you know something that’s unique to this model itself is this sliding camera.

Why pick 24-Xa0032 on Black Friday?

So if I light the camera up, we’re going to see the camera on the other side, so here’s the camera that I just lit up and we can slide it that so that’s why it has a sticker saying do not use this as a handle it’s just for the camera so hide it and close it now we can’t move the screen side to side. Still, we can move it down, and up it doesn’t go down much down then it doesn’t go down much up but just also enough like to note that the power is right on the side of the screen. The computer itself is pretty thin once you go up and as you go down you have this book, and that’s where everything takes place anyways so all the bulky items will be right here so instead of putting this right against your wall is it’s this thing it’s very thin actually that’s about a centimeter a little bit less you have this bulkiness that will get in the way if you want to place it right against your wall and as I mentioned before we have this fabric right here which is pretty cool.

Final Verdict

I would be worried about the skidding on it and not be able to clean it so that’s why I’m not a fan of fabric on computers right here on the other side we have these buttons so it’s essential for them to be on the side or not under ectly on the back that way we have more access to them again this is just an unboxing so we get to see exactly what comes in the side the box but if you guys want to see this guy turned on and everything will that see my setup video the manual and the review coming up later the review always takes a few weeks so I test out everything but the setup video and manual come up right away so check out those videos if you guys want to see that right now you guys saw everything has to do with the computer I can tell you again this is metal so it feels right.

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