Honeywell HPA300 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Are you looking for Honeywell HPA300 Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Honeywell HPA300 cyber Monday True HEPA Air Purifier new sales and discounts.

Honeywell HPA300 Black Friday Deals 2021

The Honeywell HPA 300 this human is about 23 inches tall about 19 inches wide and about 11 inches are deep it’s about 60 and a half pounds. This unit features three HEPA filters a single carbon filter and the carbon filter also acts as a pre-filter on this unit air coming in through the unit will come through the front grille. It will then go through the carbon filter then through the HEPA filter out the back and up and out of the unit this unit features four fan speeds low medium-high and turbo on its highest setting on turbo the unit outputs at about 320 CFM. This unit retails what we like about the HPA 300. We like the high CFM that’s great for large rooms and for small rooms the unit also features a HEPA filter that’s great some units on the market do not have proprietary particle filters some units have HEPA filters or filters marketed as HEPA filters that are not true HEPA filters. This unit actually has true HEPA filters and that’s something that we like about it this unit also has good CFM to noise output ratios. Checkout Coway Airmega 400 Black Friday Deals.

Honeywell HPA300 Black Friday

It has very low noise output on low the lights go completely off on this unit making it a great option for bedrooms that’s something that many other units on the market do not have many other units on the market actually have control panels with LEDs that do not shut off there’s no option to shut them off there’s no way to shut them off outside of actually taping over them with this unit. There’s actually a dimmer switch you can select a dimmer switch and you can actually turn the lights on the control panel completely off and that’s something that we really like about this unit this unit is one of the heavier air purifiers.



We tested however it does have handles on the side and that’s something that we like it makes it easy to pick up for such a heavy high CFM unit what we don’t like about this air purifier we don’t like the energy efficiency. It actually has poor energy efficiency not only for its size but compared to other high CFM units it has very poor energy efficiency this unit also doesn’t have a pre-filter. We already discussed that the air comes in through the front grille it goes through the carbon filter through the HEPA. There’s no fine mesh pre-filter like we find on top-rated units this unit does not have that the carbon filter essentially acts as a pre-filter meaning that any type of particles or hairs or anything large.


It’s going to come through the grille is gonna go right on to that carbon filter there’s no pre-filter that actually is keeping all of that stuff out of there compared to other units of the same brand this unit is one of three units in the HP a line from Honeywell this, of course, is the HP 300. There’s also the 200 and the 100 each unit in the series becomes progressively larger with higher CFM this unit is not surprisingly the highest CFM unit each unit in the series also has more HEPA filters. So the HP a 100 has one HEPA filter the HP a 200 has two HEPA filters and this one has three HEPA filters all three units use exactly.

The same filters. They only use more filters so the same filter that you’re going to use in the HP a 100 is gonna be the same filter that you use in here you just use more of them on this one of course you use three and that is something to think about you do get higher CFM with this unit but there are three filters to replace those three filters are expensive Honeywell doesn’t really account for the fact that there’s three for this one and two for the HP 200 one for the HP a 100 they price it for the HP 100 so prices are fairly high already for the HP a 100 and when you multiply them by three times.

Honeywell HPA300 Cyber Monday Deals 2021

It gets quite expensive to actually buy replacement filters for this unit so how would we compare this unit to some of the top-rated units on the market first of all we have to once again emphasize. The poor energy efficiency now power draw on air purifiers is not that high something like at the emitter fire is going to draw well over 500 watts for the larger units air purifiers much less so that being said this unit does draw over 130 watts of power on its highest setting that is substantial and where you really see this lack of efficiency is when you do an apples-to-apples comparison in terms of CFM.

Honeywell HPA300 Cyber Monday

Final Verdict

Now top rated units on the market are around 250 CFM this unit on its second-highest setting is going to get you around 250 CFM and now we’ve actually tested this unit on its second-highest setting and at 250 CFM this unit draws about 95 watts top-rated units draw between 60 and 70 that’s a substantial difference and if you’re gonna run. This air purifier over long periods of time which most users do that does add up over time and once again when you add that to the filter cost that is something that needs to be taking into account when you purchase this unit things get even worse.

If you look at using this unit in a small room for smaller rooms we recommend running top-rated units on their lower settings on these lower settings those units draw less than 10 watts of power this unit on its lower setting is going to draw about 30 watts so that’s three times as much power draw in that setting so wrapping things up here another thing that we have to talk about. When we compare this unit to top-rated units is its poor value not only is the energy efficiency poor on this unit.

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