Get More Zzz’s & Wake Up Refreshed | New Hatch Restore Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2023

Hatch Restore is excited to announce our upcoming Black Friday sale, a perfect opportunity for those looking to optimize their sleep cycles and wake up feeling refreshed. You can personalize your sleep-wake routine with this smart sleep assistant, which gently wakes you up with a custom Sunrise Alarm Clock, supporting healthy cortisol levels. Plus, indulge in a library of soothing sounds, white noise, and lights to create a relaxing mood anytime. This Black Friday, ditch the eye-straining blue light and relax with a soft-glow reading light that comes as part of the Hatch Restore package.

Hatch Restore Black Friday Deals

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Today, I’m finally reviewing the Hatch Restore Black Friday edition. I apologize for not facing the camera directly, making it unclear if you can see me or if this is in focus. Nevertheless, the Hatch Restore offers a range of features that both adults and parents will find valuable, including meditation options, a reading light, and an alarm clock. Don’t forget to check out the Hatch Baby Rest Black Friday Sales.

Hatch Restore Black Friday

As mentioned earlier, you can choose between meditation, pink noise, or white noise. It provides a variety of noise options, from fan sounds to other ambient noises. The volume control is versatile, suitable for any room size, even at the highest or lowest settings. Additionally, I use it to keep my puppies calm when they’re alone, drowning out external disturbances like kids and other noises.

Built-in Alarm:

The Hatch Restore’s sunrise alarm feature allows you to customize your wake-up experience. You can select the color of your sunrise, whether it’s pink, yellow, blue, or any other hue you prefer. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to change the alarm noise. While I personally use melatonin or calming gummies to aid my sleep, the meditation and other features have not proven effective for me.


The chosen sound quality is exceptional, effectively masking any disruptive background noise. I usually wake up around six o’clock to coincide with sunrise, and the Hatch Restore’s gradual wake-up feature complements my morning routine.

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The device offers three distinct phases: a small reading light, a sleep-inducing light, and calming sounds for dogs. You can easily adjust these settings by tapping the top of the device. It’s a straightforward process, requiring a longer tap to turn it on or off.

Alarm Clock:

The inclusion of an alarm clock with gentle wind chimes in the background provides a soothing wake-up experience. If you struggle with sleep, I recommend establishing a calming nighttime routine. This might involve meditation or listening to tranquil sounds as you prepare for bed. These simple additions can significantly enhance your sleep quality.

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