GRACO AFFIX Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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GRACO AFFIX Black Friday Deals 2020

The greco ethic high-back booster and with latch system car seat this is the way it looks this is the way the car seat looks you can use it for a child three to ten years old.

GRACO AFFIX Black Friday


This is the atomic I think it comes in blue orange and red of course so anyway this is what his looks like the head portion here so this is all the features on it it has français adjustable the latch system it does go backless you can adjust the headrest and extend it and it does have a cup holder and I hide away storage area I put it together myself it only came in about four or five pieces this portion came by yourself I had to connect this to the little piece in the middle piece to the bottom piece. Check out Graco 4ever Car Seat Black Friday.


I had to put the cup holder on and the two armrests pieces on and that was it so I had it together in less than ten minutes I just looked at the instructions here depending on where your child is sitting you just feed the seatbelt through and it goes across the chest and across their lap and then it clicks on this adjusts the anchors in the back to attach to the latch system in your car so this is the way it looks in the back this does extend it says that the bottom of the hair wrist should be even with the top of the shoulders.



They’re showing you that’s the proper fit this does also recline I don’t get it free climb but it does have a slight little you can’t make it go back and recline a little bit and then this does extend see if I can make it extends so that’s a push down to take it off I believe but this does extend up and down it was all the way up but there it is okay so like so so this is all the way extended up so it fits for a while so this is the cup holder on this side the secret compartment pull up the fabric a little bit it’s a full little compartment that comes out and then you put a little toys and things in and then it goes back away cupholder disconnects.

GRACO AFFIX Black Friday Deals

Why pick GRACO AFFIX on Black Friday?

The gift slack to the others so see that string you press and then you pull these and they slack out and then you attach them to your latch system and then once you have them connected you can pull this and it tightens them back up so yes this is a little show-and-tell of the graco effects and atomic fashion I really like this seat feels quite comfy and plush and sturdy and I also like that it has the latch system because a lot of the other ones didn’t have a latch system.

Final Verdict

I was like if it’s not latched on to your car or you know with the tethering on your car or five point harness whatever you might have what’s going to keep the seat the booster seat in in the once your kid takes off the seatbelt it’s just gonna be flapping all around in your backseat I really like this one that’s a little pricey but not too expensive I don’t think anything is too pricey for your kids safety.

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