Google Nest WiFi Router 2 Pack Black Friday Deals 2021

Are you looking for Google Nest WiFi Router 2 Pack Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Google Nest WiFi Cyber Monday and Amazon Prime Day new sales and discounts.

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Google Nest WiFi Router 2 Pack Black Friday Deals 2021

You know, this system is always up there with the best, but the biggest con is that it didn’t have any ethernet port on that second unit. In many people, you know they might not buy this isn’t like I was going to pass.

I was going to pass you know who’s going to find something else maybe two or be that thing is usually you know but I just like the form factor of these you know I think they’re a perfect size. I mean, as you can see it in the background, it’s just it’s pretty aesthetic; you know what I mean, it’s not ugly, it’s not that big or be. Check out Amazon Eero Mesh Black Friday.

Google Nest WiFi Router 2 Pack Black Friday


I’m sorry would be, but it’s too big; it’s just too damn big. I got excited. You know I was like, the people need to know you know I don’t see any videos on it. It’s seriously a deal-breaker for some people that it doesn’t have a dual ethernet port anyway, so today, I wanted to do what I’m not going to do on boxing because they all look the same. You all have seen it plenty of times. The main thing I’m going to test in this video is a direct connection of this system which is the second one I got; the one connected to my router, this one directly to my pc back.


What kind of speeds it gets because that’s what the people want, so I’m going to show you guys how it came in; first I’ll put in a little video here so you can see what it looks like, alright guys, so this is how it came you can see it’s just two boxes. Still, together the same thing router boxes plug it in. Then I’ll show you guys what’s up with the speeds so that you know these things are super easy to set up. The first one you plug it in, and then you know take the ethernet from your modem put it into one of these units. Then you got the google home map all right it’ll set up it’ll find it you go through the prompts, and then the next thing it’s going to say do you have another system.

google nest wifi cyber monday

I can’t I bought the tool bag well you guys give me a 2 pack and then you do the same thing you plug in this one that the second system you just got to plug it in first alright and as soon as it’s plugged in don’t pick up on the system and now it’ll attach to your to your other system and now you got you don’t wi-fi but let’s see let’s see the speeds on these things okay first up I’m gonna show you guys is my speeds when I’m directly connected to the modem okay and I think this should be the fastest you should get when it’s direct connected to the modem you know so I’ll show you what kind of speeds I get on that and then you’ll see what kind of speeds I’m getting on these things alright guys so I filmed this a couple days ago my pc was directly connected to the modem.


I was getting about the speeds they say I’m supposed to get. I’m supposed to be getting 940 to a gig on download speed. I’m right there as you can see that when you’re directly connected to the modem, it will give you the best beats, so now let’s take a look at what it’s like on the nest system got it connected. I thought, let me do the WiFi test quick just so you guys can see what kind of speeds that get on WiFi. My modem won’t connect to my modem’s WiFi from this room for whatever reason. Still, it relates to the nest WiFi, and that’s before I even had the second unit so you so the one team is that strong that then my pc picks up on that unit so let’s see what it does when it’s connected to this one that I have in the room.

Google Nest WiFi Cyber Monday

Why pick Google Nest WiFi Router 2 on Black Friday?

This is just wi-fi and so you see these speeds are decent you know I mean I could do whatever I want to do on the web right now you know I try to run some games with these kind of speeds and I wasn’t dropping any frames I wasn’t lagging none of that so so realistically I don’t even need a direct connect but I’m just one of those dudes I was like I need more power more speed so let’s see what it looks like with direct connect all right now we are directly connected let’s take a look boom blowing the wi-fi out of the water you know now this I could this I like to see you know I know it’s not as fast as direct connect to the modem but I don’t have that option and so to have this option.

Final Verdict

This is nice this is nice you know this is what I’m talking about this gets the juices go for the future yes yes so this is direct connected with the second mesh unit okay I mean it makes all the difference in the world all right guys so as you saw it makes a huge difference when you’re direct connected I mean we were getting four or five hundred or was it like over 500 more megabytes per second on the download speed so it makes a huge difference to go direct connect and that’s why a lot of people they don’t do it so I just want to reiterate yes this is a two router dual pack okay because I don’t believe it either you know how many how much research I had to do.

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