Google Daydream Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Are you looking for Google Daydream Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Google Daydream Cyber Monday’s new sales and discounts.

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Google Daydream Black Friday Deals 2021

The google daydream view this was a made by google product now this hardware allowed you to take your phone and put it into the headset that you see here and then use it for virtual reality.

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You do get a few things here you obviously got the headset then you got the remote that you see there and then there was a removable strap here that they also said was part of the packaging now the packaging was kind of weird because you did have this remote here and it was rechargeable it had a usb c port on it but the packaging didn’t come with a usbc cable or charging brick my favorite thing to do with the daydream view headset was not only played games but also watch netflix and with the google daydream view vr headset.


I was able to watch netflix while laying down on my back in bed or on the sofa and basically I’d be looking up at the ceiling and that’s how I’d be watching netflix I thought it was just very comfortable very futuristic it was just a nice experience now the google daydream view does work with past google smartphones and although you can download the deja review app for the google pixel 4x oh the daydream view vr app will say that the google pixel for excel is incompatible with daydream view.

I want to keep this video pretty short but I want to show what it was like to set this up and basically, what it was like to use it now unfortunately I can’t really show the vr experience so we’re just going to be putting the phone in the headset just like you normally would I’ll be strapping in on the money and kind of explained what it was like and this will go into my museum of things made by google okay so here we are with the google daydream view vr headset and mine is in charcoal because I like gray I like black anything like that so very clean design there.


We also have the controller here that’s also in charcoal and again this had that usb c port on it but it didn’t come with a usbc cable for charging brick now I went ahead and put velcro on the back of my remote just because I like to mount it to different surfaces when I’m not using the headset but this was kind of cool for storage on the strap here you actually had a place where you could store the remote right there and the remote would just slide right in and then you knew you would have it with you you could kind of tuck it in here just like that.

google daydream black friday deals

Why pick Google Daydream on Black Friday?

It was a nice little setup so the google daydream view was pretty easy to use you had this elastic band right here with a tab and you’d pull on that tab and that would open the door then you would take your compatible phone here I have the google pixel 3 xl and it actually had the otterbox defender series rugged case here so I have to take the rubber part off because with that case I couldn’t fit the phone into the daydream view with that on now the way this worked is you just put the phone on the deck.

It would just recognize it so we’re gonna try that out and then you see that just went into virtual reality mode then you’d grab the tab here and pull up on it and then you just lock it in place and you can see here that the phone would kind of stick out this was the google pixel 3 xl so it was the larger variant of the pixel 3 and that was part of the whole thing here but it still worked very good ok so the question is how did this all work once you got the phone in there well of course you couldn’t really use.

Final Verdict

This with a hat so you have to take that off and then you had the headset itself you would adjust this according to the size of your head and then you can kind of just drop this on if you weren’t using it you kind of sit on your forehead and now it was pretty heavy also depending on the size your phone too and then you’d want to grab the controller first else you’d be kind of filling around for it after you pulled the headset down so you pull that headset down and then you have the remote here and this would serve as a pointer to select items within the virtual experience.

You could also look around here and see things around you now the headset worked pretty good although I had a bigger phone in here life didn’t really bleed and all that much and when it did it just was because the phone wasn’t aligned properly and it was just very little light so this was a very immersive experience so that is pretty much it for this video I just want to do a final video for the daydream view headset because I think a lot of people didn’t know about it.

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