Glorious Model O Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2023

The Glorious Model O gaming mouse stands as a favored option within the gaming community. Its lightweight design, precision sensor, and customizable RGB lighting are well-regarded features. Black Friday presents an ideal opportunity to enhance your gaming setup, with significant discounts often available from major retailers. Be vigilant for the deals that electronics retailers offer during this period—you could secure a Glorious Model O at a cheap price.

What discount can we expect for the Glorious Model O on this year’s Black Friday?

Glorious is thrilled to present its latest Black Friday offer, providing a fantastic opportunity to acquire the renowned Glorious Model O gaming mouse at an incredible 50% discount. This year’s promotion is set to exceed expectations, building upon the success of last year’s sale. While the precise discount percentage is yet to be revealed, rest assured that it will be an exceptional deal.

Glorious Model O Black Friday Sales:

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Discover the outstanding features of the Glorious Model O gaming mouse that make it a top choice for both casual and competitive gamers. From its lightweight design to its customizable options, this mouse is engineered to elevate your gaming performance.

glorious model o black friday

Ergonomic Comfort:

Beyond its lightweight build, the Model O boasts an ergonomic shape that ensures hours of comfortable gameplay without fatigue. Crafted with your hand’s natural grip in mind, this mouse is designed to keep you immersed and focused during extended gaming sessions.


The Glorious Model O stands out as one of the lightest gaming mice available, weighing an impressive 67g. This featherlight construction is tailored for gamers who demand swift and accurate mouse movements, giving you a competitive edge in any game.

Honeycomb Shell:

The Model O’s honeycomb shell design serves a dual purpose: reducing overall weight while providing enhanced ventilation during intense gaming marathons. This innovation keeps your hand cool and dry, maintaining your performance at its peak.

Form and Functionality:

The Glorious Model O harmonizes form and functionality with its robust and ergonomic design. Crafted to fit your hand comfortably, this mouse enables extended gameplay without discomfort.

Premium Materials:

The Model O showcases a premium matte finish plastic on the top shell, providing a velvety-smooth touch. The sides are crafted from a soft-touch rubber material that ensures both tactile satisfaction and a secure grip.

Seamless Movement:

Equipped with large skates on its underside, the mouse glides effortlessly across surfaces, granting you the fluid movement required for precise control.

Programmable Buttons:

The Model O boasts six programmable buttons, enabling personalized configurations to suit your gaming style. The onboard memory lets you switch between profiles seamlessly.

Adjustable DPI Range:

With an adjustable DPI range of up to 12000 DPI, the Model O empowers you with precise control over cursor speed, allowing you to adapt to various in-game scenarios.

Ultra-Fast Response:

Operating at a polling rate of 1000Hz, the Model O ensures lightning-fast response times, ensuring that your every input is registered accurately and promptly.

Final Words:

The price point is also very reasonable and it’s made of durable, lightweight material. Whether you’re an experienced gamer or just starting out, the Glorious Model O is sure to meet your needs. With its fast response times, precise movements, and solid construction, it’s one of the best-value gaming mice on the market today.

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