Garmin Vivofit JR 2 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Are you looking for Garmin Vivofit JR 2 Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Garmin Vivofit JR 2 Cyber Monday new sales and discounts.

Garmin Vivofit JR

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Garmin Vivofit JR 2

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Garmin Vivofit JR 2 Black Friday Deals 2021

Today we’re talking about the new vivofit jr 2’s. They are the newest thing from Garmin, and they’re replacing the original vivofit jr, and they’re all for your kids. and the kids at heart. They come in new designs sponsored by Disney, so if you like your Marvel Avengers, your Star Wars, your Minnie Mouse, this is precisely for your kids. Check out Garmin Vivoactive 3 Black Friday.

vivofit jr black friday

They come in different band lengths now, so you get your actual sort of stretchy band like the bb-8 star wars one, and then you get the more adjustable one such as this other star wars one. So each design comes in stretchy and adjustable. Essentially the stretchy is for basically around four to seven years old and adjustable ones for six-year-olds over.


I just like it also, so Disney Pristiq is moving a little bit far back, so just set a time you will depress this black button for three seconds, and then it will come off this screen. What am I doing? Don’t do that what if you do and then press it, but again is the time section stopwatch section. This is if you want to compete with friends, this is just the information about it.

I can have it in the water track fitness honestly on the app, and you couldn’t reach the 60-minute goal of completing Earnshaw’s and then challenge friends if they have a fit as well. This way looks like on the homepage of the app. So, I’m going to be throwing you how to set a timer on your veto fair. This may be further back that’s my iPad okay so to do so to light up the screen because if you see it’s a little bit dark, you press this 40-second lights up for a little while if you need it.


We’ve got a calendar, some things like a step counter with the icon you chose, and pretty much just all your basic fitness tracking and things like that. Your chores it’s just got everything you want, and some other new features include a timer, a stopwatch for your kids, and then they have a new what’s known as the toe-to-toe challenge.

Garmin Vivofit JR 2 Black Friday Deals

You can challenge other vivofit junior wearers to basically like races where you try and count as many steps as you can as quickly as possible. Just basically, that incentivize kids to be active and everything like that.


We’ve paired the phone with the watch to look at what the app allows you to do in tracking your kids’ activities, setting up chores and rewards, and things of that nature. So under the activities menu, we can look at things like his step count how many minutes have been active for that day. We can also track his sleep cycle there so we’re going to know how his sleep was.

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So, I’m just going to pop it on, so it’s pretty easy to get on that it’s very soft and durable. So I could go into you this one step if you want to sleep with that of which you can use so that you can track your sleep. You can, but just make it one less tight because you don’t really like just circulation everybody in, so this is easy to set up on the app like all this app is technically done on the app and the updating sorry everything on my critical right.

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