Garmin Forerunner 245 Music Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Are you looking for Garmin Forerunner 245 Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Garmin Forerunner 245 Music Cyber Monday’s new sales and discounts.

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Garmin Forerunner 245 Music Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

So here is the Garmin forerunner 245 music black Friday deal & they’ve updated a lot of the hardware including a better GPS chip that uses less energy.

garmin 245 music black friday


The watch has a longer battery life and an updated optical heart rate sensor. Garmin has included the pulse oximeter measuring technology on this watch, as well as the all-day stress tracking and body battery functionality seen on some of their newer watches. The watch has a seven-day battery life, but it lacks a barometric altimeter like some of the more expensive Garmin watches, such as the Fenix series or the Forerunner 645.

The 245 offers an affordable package where you can have a smartwatch that has onboard music for streaming to Bluetooth headphones as well as some great smart features and it can track virtually any exercise that you throw at it now it doesn’t have a touchscreen and that’s very intentional on Garmin’s part because a lot of the feedback that they get is that runners, swimmers, and cyclers don’t like to have to fidget with a touchscreen they would much prefer buttons.


This has a backlit display that works wonderfully well even in pitch-black darkness. As is customary for our videos, we don’t want to go through a list of specs and features; you can do that on your own by visiting the Garmin website; instead, we want to take this out and get it dirty with a variety of exercises to show you how it performs in various scenarios.

CrossFit Boot Camp

The first thing I did was take this into the gym and do lots of different lifting CrossFit boot camp style exercises to see how it would hold up under the stress of those kinds of exercises now it should be noted that built-in optical heart rate sensors on the wrists are not known for performing well in a gym based setting now based on my experience the apple watch series 4 has tended to have the best optical heart rate sensor for gym-based exercise.


I was expecting subpar results, but I was actually very surprised to see that the optical heart rate sensor agreed spot-on with my apple watch in about a 40-minute timeline. Now, I will say that in about a 40-minute timeline, I did experience about 4 or 5 dropouts from the 245, whereas the apple watch was a little bit more consistent. That being said, I was pretty impressed.

I did connect to an external heart rate sensor and I got great data, I mean spot-on perfect data from a heart rate sensor even during gym-based exercise, so based on my experience in the gym, Garmin has finally gotten their optical heart rate sensor right in terms of using it for gym-based exercise and this is a watch that I would recommend for gym-based use now I will say that their gym profile that’s built-in on the watch sucks and it tries.

garmin 245 music black friday deals

Why pick Garmin 245 Music on Black Friday?

We finally got an optical heart rate sensor from Garmin that works in the gym now I won’t spend too much time on the swimming portion but suffice it to say that Garmin has the industry standard in terms of swim tracking you’re going to get every metric you could possibly want for swim tracking from the Garmin 245 so you’re going to get your average pace You will be given your pace per lap, your fastest lap time, and your slowest lap time, as well as your strokes per minute. You’ll get a lot of metrics, including a swole score from Garmin, based on your strokes per lap.

If you’re looking to track your swim metrics, this is a watch that we can highly recommend, in addition to a lot of the other garmin forerunner watches that also track swimming. Now for the cardio portion of our review, don took care of everything because I sucked at cardio on one run don did experience kind of a weird GPS oddity it did not seem to affect the actual mileage so his gps mileage did agree spot on with the vivoactive 3 music.

Final Verdict

When compared to a watch like the vivoactive 3 music, which would absolutely get tapped out in terms of battery life when using both GPS and music streaming, the forerunner 245 was far less impacted by streaming Bluetooth music and GPS at the same time. Garmin appears to have done an excellent job of updating all of the hardware so that it consumes less battery power. So you’ll get closer to 7 days of battery life even if you’re only using the watch for GPS or listening to music on a regular basis.

The Garmin Kinect IQ app store is something that will track just about anything you can throw at it, whether it’s in the gym, out on the pavement, or even on the side of a mountain.

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