Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021

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Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Black Friday Deals 2021

The Fujitsu Scansnap ix500 does not exist because I think this is the most exciting product globally but rather because we needed one for the office. We go with its factory tuning and data centre DNA, and intel 730 series SSD is a fantastic choice for gamers and performance enthusiasts.

We have a network scanner already, one that was a lot cheaper, but our business is growing, in our needs are changing. We wanted something faster and more flexible.

fujitsu scansnap ix500 black friday


We find the USB 3 cable Fujitsu software adobe acrobat 11 standards a carrier sheet more on that later and the scanner itself resplendent in a refined black finish that makes. It does not look straight out of the 90s like the s 1500 that I overviewed last time around on six tech tips software setup is also improved. It’s much faster to install, but one big issue is that you don’t want to use the included cd.


Fujitsu is going for so easy it only requires a one-button approach. Hence, you unfold it from its compact storage mode, and you’ll find well just one button on the front labelled scan on the back.

It’s got a Kensington lock, a power jack, a USB 3 port, a wi-fi toggle switch, and a WPS button for quickly adding it to your network wirelessly to scan. To multiple pcs or smartphones running iOS or Android, but that’s about it. So the make or break feature of this scanner is going to be how well the software works.


You can have the software create a Scansnap folder on your computer that temporarily holds stuff. So you can email it out or archive it from there, and then that folder will automatically clean everything up. After a set number of days, that’s good for certain types of work like administrative work, but I like to use it better to have it look for whatever device or window is active and then target it with the scan file. If the card mined there, their business card manager is up on my screen to go there if their scan document organizer is up.

Scanning Docs from Cloud

It scans to the computer then prompts you with many different options for what it can do with it? Some of them are useful, like dropbox and google docs scanning. In contrast, others are unfortunately less useful with the email option being bound to outlook express by default in Windows 7 and up and third-party add-ons to change to Gmail.

Still, the good news is that you can configure whatever ones you want to appear and leave the others speaking of configuration options. All the usual ones are there, so dpi settings go from ordinary to best to excellent.

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Black Friday Deals


I mean, you can pick the color black and white singular double-sided you can automatically remove blank pages prompt for more pages when you’re done scanning or not. Then we start to get into some of the more exotic stuff.
It can use ultrasonic scanning to detect an accidental double-page in the auto feeder. It can auto-rotate your finished documents to keep everything secure to read once it’s scanned.

There’s even an option to convert everything to searchable PDFs with the included acrobat software. You can use the organizer to search for any relevant scanned documents very quickly. In theory, most of these features work well, but in practice, they’re not perfect.

On a4 paper, auto-rotate is 95 plus percent accurate. Still, with things like business cards and receipts that are probably closer to 75 percent, the text detection for business cards and searchable pdfs is also a little bit hit or miss with documents.


I found that searching for stuff off the top of my head usually yielded what I was looking for, but the mode that lets you highlight text and then apply those keywords to documents didn’t work that well for me.

I mean, to be fair, the speed and image quality is excellent, and business cards don’t follow very standard formatting. One high point here though is that the card minder application once.


You’ve entered all of the missing data and cleaned things up a little bit is excellent. You can press a quick hotkey and bring up business cards exceptionally quickly. It’s a lot better than having stacks like this just lying around like. I have in the past, so since we’re on the subject of good stuff, the document feeder is great. I didn’t need the included carrier sheet, which flattens out and protects fragile documents at all.

black friday fujitsu scansnap ix500

It does a great job with slightly ripped or even wrinkled paper and the other end of the spectrum. I accidentally put in my star citizen card a plastic card when I was scanning business cards. If I hadn’t been continuously refilling the hopper to do more business cards in one batch without stopping, it probably wouldn’t have even gotten stuck in the output tray and jammed. Still, even then, the scan ended up looking fine.

Final Verdict

Just walking over to the scanner pressing scan on their phone, and boop did five stars right there, but of course, all of this comes at a cost. Especially given that scanners have been commodity items for like ten years, that make it a tough sell for the average user, but with features like quick paper jam removal user-replaceable parts for a longer lifetime and a pretty fantastic community building new mods and features all the time for a business user even a smallish one.

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