Fujifilm X100T Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Are you looking for Fujifilm X100T Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Fujifilm X100T Cyber Monday’s new sales and discounts.

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Fujifilm X100T Black Friday Deals 2021

I bought the x100t which means that as I’m recording this, I have owned the x100t for just over two years and I decided that I needed to do a long-term review of the t because I did a short-term study. I think maybe six months after I had it and it’s been quite a while since I’ve talked about it in depth at any point, so here we are the t is my third x 100 series camera that I’ve owned. I started with the original x 100 then shot with the x100s for a little while and enjoyed that camera immensely except for a few issues chief among them was the back scroll wheel where the d-pad is? Typically I was not too fond of that thing.

fujifilm x100t black friday

I thought it was a terrible implementation of I don’t know what deep had you know ish sort of setup and I much prefer the d-pad on the x100t as well. The little toggle flippy switch where the scroll wheel should be you know up top to where you kind of can make you fine-tune shutter adjustments and much prefer an actual scroll wheel like on the x100t. Just really the layout of the camera is only to me was more refined and just the perfect you know implementation when compared with the x 100 s and the x 100. Check out Canon EOS 80D┬áBlack Friday deals.


I maintained even after the x 100 f was released that I thought the x100t was the best implementation of the x 100 series and really because of the sensor I like the x trans to the sensor, and I love the slimmer size with the x 100 v being out. It’s maybe reconsidered a little bit I think you can make an argument that the v is now the best iteration because of the implementation of the tilting screen. I think that’s really what this camera system needed to make it perfect and I’d say honestly if the x100t.

Just magically had that green from the x1 or v the x1 or t would for me be the perfect implementation of the x 100 series, but it doesn’t, and it’s not that big of a deal when I use this camera. It is a bummer because I do use the tilting function quite a bit if I’m taking photos of my child, for example, but I don’t find it that big of a hindrance honestly. I use this camera like I would appointment shoot, and that is to say, I don’t look through the viewfinder. I don’t use the EVF I mostly use the back screen the entire time there’s something about this camera that kind of compels me to shoot that way and it just feels.


I don’t know it feels natural to me to use it in that manner, but I really love the x 100 series, and I particularly love the t so much it’s such a great size with a thumb grip attached. It feels perfect holding it with one hand. I like the layout of the buttons on the back. I love the stiffness of the shutter speed dial and the exposure compensation dial. It’s a fun camera to use, and the image quality to me is just outstanding.

I love the sensor paired with this lens; I’ve always really enjoyed this you know original 23 f2 glasses I know it gets hated on quite a bit people like to kind of knock-on. It’s soft wide-open when you’re focusing on something that’s a pseudo macro shot or something which I feel like that’s unfair. I don’t use this camera that way to take false macro shots especially wide open and b if anything I think it gives it excellent character paired with this sensor but you know shooting wide open at a reasonable distance.


I find the lens to be quite sharp and I feel like I have several examples of that and then if you stop down to 2.8 men it. It’s tacked sharply in my opinion so the lens I’ve always enjoyed. I’ve ever seen some high lenses, especially what you’re getting for how small it is. I think it really excels at that and overall it’s just a great camera to take travelling or while on vacation. You know the last time. I went to the beach. I took the x100s, and it was great at getting landscape shots and documenting you know that vacation and the same with the tea it’s just so unobtrusive.

Fujifilm X100T Black Friday Deals

Why pick Fujifilm X100T on Black Friday?

It’s just really kind of gets out of the way, and it only lets me focus on the subject and what I’m trying to capture you know performance for what I use it for is just fine. I think it has plenty of frames per second if I’m trying to capture action like my son doing something fast-moving so the frame rates not an issue for me. I think it’s perfect the autofocusing system is not the fastest; it’s not the most snappy, especially by today’s standards. If you’re comparing it’s like the next three it for anything from sony, it’s a bit sluggish but then again.

Final Verdict

I don’t it’s not a big issue for me not having the fastest autofocusing system you know current on the market once again for what I use it for it performs adequately. I don’t expect this camera to be a speed demon and to be able to track subjects as you know, a high-end sports body would. I mean a lot of this has to do with expectations and your use case well we’re talking about speciality cameras, and I think the x100 line is an especially type of camera.

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