Fotodiox Pro Lens Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Are you looking for Fotodiox Pro Lens Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Fotodiox Pro Lens cyber Monday’s new sales and discounts.

Fotodiox Pro Lens Black Friday Deals 2021

You can imagine on any camera you can imagine as long as it’s physically possible we make an adapter for it and today I thought I’d show you a specific line that we offer this is our pro line of sony e-mount lens adapters these adapters are designed to mount different lens mount types on your sony e-mount camera.

They come with a bunch of different amazing features and let’s just go through them now this is our first adapter this is the fotodiox pro nikon g to nex pro adapter and this version is actually d clicked as you can see here we’ve got this lever the square shape is signifying the clicked setting but you can switch it right here to the smooth shape and that will actually d click your nikon lenses aperture so let’s put a lens on here real quick line up the white dot on the red dot and then mount it on our sony a7r – there you go now you have a nikon lens mounted to a sony e-mount camera now we do make a consumer version of this but it doesn’t have the d clicked aperture and you might wonder.

Fotodiox Pro Lens Black Friday


Why would you need d clicked aperture well most nikon photo lenses actually have a clipped aperture which means when you’re manually adjusting you’re going to see each click of the aperture as it changes and that’s no good for video let’s say you’re in a dark room and you’re going out into a bright light you’re gonna want to smoothly close your aperture so it’s not very noticeable to the person watching the video and you can do that with this adapter it’s pretty amazing our next adapter is our polar throttle adapter this is a very very useful adapter because not only does it adapt a lens to your sony e-mount camera it also has a built in circular polarizer you just turn.



This ring and it actually adjusts the cpl filter built directly into the adapter and a cpl filter is key for specific shooting situations say you’re shooting reflective water or you’re shooting through some reflective glass and you want to remove that reflection and see underneath or you just want to get rid of some of the glare well with just a little turn of the cpl filter you can do that now why would we have it built into the adapter you might ask well let’s say you’re adapting multiple lenses rather than getting multiple cpl filters for each lens or using step-up filters to fit a larger one onto smaller lenses you’ve got it built right into the adapter so pretty much any lens that you’re going to adapt to your sony e-mount camera of this type you’ll have this built-in cpl control.


This is the nikon g2 sony e-mount version of the polar throttle but we offer these mount versions as well our next adapter is the nd throttle it’s like the polar throttle but instead of a cpl filter built in the middle it is a variable nd filter this is a two to eight stops filter and what it allows you to do is cut light entering your lens before it hits your sensor which means you can shoot wide open and bright sunlight and just use this filter to reduce the amount of light coming through they do make these filters for the front’s of lenses but like I said with the polar throttle it’s nice to have it built behind the lens it reduces the amount of dust you get on your filter and again like I said you can put various lenses on the front of this.

Fotodiox Pro Lens Black Friday Deals

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You don’t have to worry about getting different filters for different lenses this is the Canon FD version of the adapter and it’s really simple to mount you just line up the red dots make sure you have the arrow pointing to install and then depending on which version of an FD lens you’re mounting you’re either gonna turn the breech lock on the FD lens to lock it in place or with this one you’re gonna actually turn the lens to lock it onto the adapter this is one of my favorite adapters that we sell here at fotodiox I actually use this on almost all of my projects.

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I like to shoot with vintage primes like this Canon FD 50mm f18 and I have shot whole films with the nd throttle mounted behind my lens because not only does it allow me to use these old beautiful vintage lenses on my sony e-mount camera it also gives me that extra aperture control so I can shoot shallow depth-of-field video in bright sunlight to get that beautiful cinematic look and you know I could also use it to shoot long exposure photography so this is a very useful adapter one of my favorites now if you want to mount a Canon EF lens to your sony e-mount camera and you want that variable nd control but you also need the electronic control to adjust the aperture and focus

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