Fitbit Zip Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2023

The anticipation for Fitbit Zip’s Black Friday deals is building up! Customers can look forward to significant discounts, making it the ideal time to purchase this popular fitness tracker. The Fitbit Zip is renowned for its accuracy in tracking steps and distance, integrating seamlessly with various fitness apps, and its long battery life.

About Fitbit Zip:

The Fitbit Zip stands out as an affordable activity tracker, offering insights into daily activity, sleep patterns, calories burned, and essential health metrics. It caters to individuals seeking weight loss, improved well-being, or enhanced physical activity, while also serving as a motivational exercise companion.

Fitbit Zip Black Friday

Key Features:

  • The Fitbit Zip operates as a pedometer, effectively counting steps, and includes additional functionalities beyond mere step tracking.
  • Notably, the Fitbit displays a growing flower icon that symbolizes your activity progress throughout the day, serving as a motivating visual cue.
  • The device sets clear activity goals, with a rewarding animation upon achievement, further fostering engagement and consistency.


The new design of the Fitbit Zip replaces the growing flower with a playful face icon that conveys encouragement and accountability. This iteration focuses solely on step measurement, alongside calibrated calorie projection based on activity levels.


Fitbit Zip is lightweight and doesn’t affect your performance while exercising or doing daily activities. You can use Fitbit Zip without charging because it has a built-in rechargeable battery lasting up to 5 days on a full charge.

Fitbit Zip activity tracker has a great range of tracking features that help to improve your health and lifestyle.

Fitbit Zip Cyber Monday


The Fitbit Zip excels in monitoring daily steps, sleep quality, and overall activity. This comprehensive tracking extends to 24/7 heart rate monitoring, distance covered, exercise duration, and more. Notably, it even includes body temperature assessment, enhancing its utility in assessing your well-being.

Final Verdict:

The Fitbit Zip’s sleek and slim design positions it as a stylish clip-on tracker. The easily readable watch face simplifies step and metric tracking. Noteworthy is its exceptional GPS tracking capability, rendering it an ideal choice for runners and cyclists.

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