Fitbit Versa Lite Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Are you looking for Fitbit Versa Lite Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Fitbit Versa Lite cyber Monday’s new sales and discounts.

Fitbit Versa Lite Black Friday Deals 2021

What you can expect to receive when unboxing your favorite person light it comes packaged really nicely very minimalistic and I like that not too much plastic is actually used in their packaging.

The box you get a very simple quick start guide then you get some safety instructions and also limited warranty information then you also get the charging cradle which is of course to use to charge your fitbit verse and light they also include an additional strap just in case the one that comes with the versa is not big enough so I really like that and then of course you get the beautiful foot pack versa light in all its glory looking magnificent as ever all packaged in the simple box with a lot of information on the box itself. Check out Garmin Fenix 6 Black Friday Sales.

Fitbit Versa Lite Black Friday


The look and design of the traversal lights and as you can see it is identical to the original flip it versa however the only difference is you lose the two buttons on the right hand side and you only have the one on the left hand side other than that the design of this watch is still fantastic I love the look and feel of it the build quality is also really great this is a premium feeling watch when you wear it however at the same time it’s not overly clunky or heavy when wearing it on your wrist on the back there you’ve got the heart rate monitor and also the charging connectors which has a really nice smooth surface to them so of course you don’t feel any discomfort on your wrist at all with the footprint fossa like you can also still swap out the straps which I love you can either choose bands from fitbit.



These are all fitbit original watch bands I’ll actually have them linked down below in case you guys are interested but what’s also nice is if you head on over to amazon and look up fitbit bands there are so many different ones to choose from and because this watch is already designed so well almost any watch band goes so nicely with them even metallic ones look amazing so as you can see just like the watch itself the display is super simple and minimalistic but I am it’s beautiful because of the price point the display is obviously not going to be as amazing as your premium smartwatches but it’s still packs a punch the overall display is 1.34 inches and it does have gorilla glass on the front.


It definitely takes a lot to scratch this bad boy also in almost any lighting condition you can always see the display so here I was just walking around in the mall as you can see super simple to see in full blown sunlight so once again it’s no hassle at all to see the display and they are also brightness settings on the watch which you can adjust to your liking at the end of the day I would definitely give the display a big thumbs up on two features and just like.

The fitbit versa original you can still change the watch faces to suit your liking which is awesome all you do is head on over to the fitbit versa app and choose your watch face and from there you can even customize them further sometimes as you can see here I tried out a bunch of different watch faces and once again.

Black FridayFitbit Versa Lite Deals

Why pick Fitbit Versa on Black Friday?

I just love that you can customize your versa to exactly how you want you could also still get notifications from whatsapp twitter gmail just to name a few and you can also quick reply from your watch using a bit of text or an emoji so nifty if you get an incoming call it will also notify you by vibrating on your wrist.

The contact pop-up and then you can choose to either accept or decline the call you also still get all the various exercise modes this up to 15 to choose from so whether you’re on the treadmill or maybe doing weight training it’ll track your entire workout and give you stats on the app it also has a nice interval mode that you can choose but of course still tracks your heart rate steps and calories throughout the day there’s also a stopwatch and timer application.

Final Verdict

You want to use this for exercising or maybe cooking dinner which I sometimes do it’s super nifty and while you can’t store music on the watch itself you can’t download an additional app like this one which is spotify hr and this application essentially allows you to control your spotify from your watch which I love so definitely check out other foot but apps that are available.

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