Fitbit Versa 2 Memorial Day Sale 2022

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Fitbit Versa 2 Memorial Day Sale 2022

The brand-new Fitbit Versa I’m going to be sharing with you three things that I love and three things that I hate about the brand-new Fitbit Versa – what’s up, guys and girls.

Fitbit Versa 2 Memorial Day

I consider myself an optimist, so it’s probably a wise idea to start by talking about the positives generally what I found with my time with the Fitbit Versa – is that I’ve had an overall good positive experience, but here are the three main things that stand out about the Fitbit Bursa.


Number one is the design now; two elements have been upgraded, which stand out the display. It’s no longer an LCD. An AMOLED display. What that essentially means is that you’re getting a much better quality of display. The first thing about an AMOLED display is that the colors are incredibly vibrant; it is nice to see the Fitbit has changed.

From Previous Generation

The previous generation versa is that they’ve removed that Fitbit branding and logo on the front of the display to give you a much more cleaner and much more overall uniform display. Again it’s easier on the eyes, another thing to note, particularly in this part of the world.

Fitbit Versa 2 Black Friday

AMOLED Display

We get a lot of Sun because AMOLED display will be better for really bright conditions where you’re out and about. I would have liked to see a slightly more brilliant show would be an advantage than, let’s say, the Versa, the ionic, or even the inspire. Checkout Fitbit Charge 4 Memorial Day Sale.

The Fitbit Versa to display is much much better another point is the bomb pop in processor now most people are probably going to notice this when they’re swiping through the different options.

Operating System

I was incredibly critical about how clunky and slow Fitbit OS felt even on like the Fitbit inspire, but I’m happy to say that having used this for a while now the Fitbit versa – there’s an outstanding job with the OS.


I’ve managed to get like five days’ worth of battery with notifications turned on with a ton of use out of the Smartwatch and with the always-on display, and I think that is incredible thinking about that when compared with something like the Apple Watch.

I’ve been trying out the Apple watch series five recently I mean that needs a charge at least once a day, so for something like this to go entirely for five days straight is a great advantage.

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