Fitbit Aria 2 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Are you looking for Fitbit Aria Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Fitbit Aria Cyber Monday’s new sales and discounts.

Fitbit Aria 2 Black Friday Deals 2021

The fitbit area err it’s a weight scale the tv but actually the weight scale showing the results of your high carb binging or hopefully the results of fixing that issue marv the box this boy feels hefty which is assuring with the look that to my eyes is beautiful.

fitbit aria black friday


This scale can be that it mine is the white version a black option is awesome but you’re not looking at this because it’s a pretty scale it’s because it’s smart or supposedly so right from the get-go to set up plots the fit big ecosystem before you finish the in boxing or unbox it at all I recommend downloading the app as some neat features like calorie tracking food tracking your sleeve and even just your water intake with most of the features not even needing to own a fitted box now one of the things it advertises is that it says it calculates bmi which is a little misleading because even on the screen of advice it says bmi but for the area air they only.



They seem to lock that feature so you have a reason to buy their product and overall advertising saying it calculates bmi when it doesn’t is a little bit of false advertising in my opinion now not to come off too negative what it does spring is an accurate scale with each four corners being able to be on uneven ground and yet still be accurate my /go was over 10 pounds off so I was surprised by this realization but I’m grateful well being a more expensive scale it is a good accurate scale which is assuring for a scale.

The way automatically adds your weight to the app tracking it for you that’s it that’s his only smart feature that’s all let’s really go every other really smart feature you can think of isn’t here on this device it just automatically pairs to your app tracking it for you and making it just a little bit more friendly to track your weight and count your weight and have a record over it on the app which besides adding google or alexa that’s all you can really do which you know they shouldn’t add google or alexa actually it kind of cool if they did because I could just imagine.


The lexus saying something like wow you need to lose weight again you gained I cancel your pizza delivery order actually that’d be kind of cool but no don’t have alexa to scale that’d be kind of creepy what this does help with is the fitbit ecosystem remember when I mentioned some of the features of the app while there are separate apps to count calories like new and different apps that uses smartwatches to track sleep fitbit has an all-in-one which may be a sort of a normal scale.

fitbit aria black friday

Why pick Fitbit Aria on Black Friday?

I can just remember that why do I need a scale to track it for me and if you’re in the camp yeah you personal preference but having it tracked helps keep a record of it and you can see a curve and your trends based off your diet and you can have a more accurate description of what’s working and what’s not working that leads me to my last tick up with’s device now it all relies on app and bluetooth so you’ll have to have that open which is a bit inconvenient but it stops other users other people in your household stepping on there and having their way track to you and this allows multiple users to use.

Final Verdict

The app for tracking in your household and having their profile be updated with the weight only when they have it open and they set up they stand on the scale when the bluetooth seems that data which is sometimes it didn’t automatically see from an app but would work the next day I lay in or if I were storing my phone it worked again right away normally I like to give a rating for a box art view based off a few categories of things and for this it’s a scale so I really can’t do that what I can’t say is whether you’re concerned this or not you should only get this if do you have or do you intend to have a fitbit device already or are you going to track calories with this.

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