Echo Show Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Are you looking for Echo Show Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Amazon Echo Show Cyber Monday’s new sales and discounts.

Echo Show Black Friday Deals 2021

It’s there’s already eight of these I totally get it no this is actually only the fourth smart display from amazon it just has an eight inch screen so we want to see if this is worth your money in counter space let’s open it up.

Echo Show black friday


The box looks I guess mighty boxy let’s get this paper off and you can actually get a look at the device so yeah it looks oh looks like it’s actually decently sized it didn’t just sound small but it’s a bit bigger than like my iphone for instance yeah that’s not bad plus you get this nice camera shutter right here which is super nice from a privacy standpoint so you’ve got the nice rubber bottom to keep it in place the standard hookups and back plus you’ve got these volume buttons.


The microphone the mute button if you don’t want to like so listening to you it’s basically what you’d expect so now that we’ve got this thing unboxed let’s test it out the show wait is super easy to set up and intuitive to use it equips the echos voice assistant with video chatting and streaming cooking assistance.


The echo show 8 really does pack in a lot of useful smarts but none of that’s really new check it out what we’re seeing here is amazon rounding out their two main product lines we have smart speakers over here and smart displays on this side in the past few months alone we have the brand new amazon echo studio the new amazon echo and the echo dot with clock and over here we have the echo show 5 and the echo show 8 ok if you’re seeing a pattern then you should be basically on both sides you have the papa bear mama bear and baby bear and amazon is really hoping that one of these products is going to be just right for you.

The 8 inch screen size falls right between the 10.1 inch and the 5.5 inch of the show and show 5 but it has the higher resolution of its big brother here at 1280 by 800 pixels that’s not mind-blowing but it’s not bad either especially for the price and it’s much better than the show fives low def display but sound wise how does it compare to its echo show counterparts well take a listen.


The difference in sound quality makes sense given the different sizes of these three devices that echo show eight sounds much fuller than the echo show five but it’s not quite as powerful or as dynamic as the 10-inch model here now that said if you have it at a medium volume it’s pretty good when you push up that volume it starts getting a little bit buzzy and it can’t quite stand up to the dynamic range of a better speaker or a stronger display like this so as we’ve seen the show eight is much better in audio and visual fidelity than the show five making it seem much more comparable to the 10-inch.

The camera both the echo show 5 and this echo show 8 have a 1 megapixel camera now the 10-inch echo show has a 5 megapixel camera when I first heard that I thought that I was going to make a really big difference when it came to video chatting but once I set up this video chat with myself to compare the images I actually saw that this image right here on the echo show 8 which is captured by the better 5 megapixel camera is much more pixelated than this image here which is captured by the 1 megapixel camera I was surprised but it does kind of make sense given that there are so many factors like network speed.

Echo Show black friday deals

Why pick Echo Show on Black Friday?

This is leaving me feeling a little bit torn that’s because this device doesn’t really have any new features it’s totally redundant its iteration for the sake of iteration the echo show 8 is the same old echo with different measurements okay that may be true but look at that echo show 5 it’s basically a glorified smart alarm clock I mean it’s the size of my iphone propped up on a countertop and the 10 inch echo show is nice.

Final Verdict

The 10-inch echo show it’s because that one has a five megapixel camera and this one has a garbage one megapixel camera we did amazon have to go digging in their basement to find a decade-old camera just to put on this brand new device I mean the video chat quality is smudgy at best okay that may be the case but you know for video-chatting cameras don’t have to be that good maybe one megapixel is all we need because video chat quality is always kind.

I like the idea that I can look at this and I don’t have to trust facebook I don’t have to trust google I don’t have to trust amazon in this case I look right there and I know a hundred percent that that camera is covered and nobody is watching me well nobody wants to watch you anyway so whatever but listen on this device you can’t even use voice commands to pull up youtube videos on a smart display I mean look it’s a fine product overall but everything that it does has been done before alright enough arguing forget the history of amazon product would you buy the echo show eight over the 10 inch echo.

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