ECHO FLEX Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Are you looking for ECHO FLEX Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for ECHO FLEX Cyber Monday’s new sales and discounts.

ECHO FLEX Black Friday Deals 2021

I want to split this into three different segments so first I want to go through and show you guys just a physical tour of this device show you what it can do what it looks like.

ECHO FLEX Black Friday


What it feels like and just give you a better idea of what we’re talking about then part two I actually want to go and put this through a series of tests that are related to scenarios that I think most people would be assuming this can do so one example of that would be like a bathroom some people think well I don’t want to have a standard echo in my bathroom because it might get splashed if it’s sitting on a sink but this would be great to plug into the wall so what I want to do is test out the speaker and the microphone in a bathroom when a shower is on when the shower is not on.



What it sounds like and how well it registers your voice that’s that’s one example of the test I want to run then part three I want to break down what scenarios this is good or not good in so is this actually good for a bathroom this is actually good for like a garage and I want to break down when this is a good or not good product for some people.

It’s really hard to argue that it’s not a good product but it’s maybe not the best in some situations getting into the mechanical tour of this this is really not that big of a device so you see right there there’s actually two components I have right here I have an accessory the actual unit itself is 2.8 inches tall by 2.6 inches wide so really not that big and it has a point six inch mini speaker on the front right there emphasis on the mini part of the speaker it is very small it’s not that loud and amazon says on their website that this is not meant for music.


If that’s true or not but then going through the front you also have the classic two buttons now these buttons you see on most echo devices where one of them is your action button as they say or just to summon I’m gonna try not to say the name so summon the voice assistant then the other button is to silence the microphone so that it doesn’t listen to you I don’t know if you ever want to have it not maybe like you’d be good to silence that or mute it.

ECHO FLEX Black Friday Deals

Why pick ECHO FLEX on Black Friday?

I say that name it doesn’t you know what I mean so anyway then at the top we have two microphones and we have the little led light bar right there that is pretty classic whenever you’re working with voice assistant it’ll give you some feedback it was yellow or red or blue so pretty standard on most echo devices then on the side we have a three and a half millimeter jack this is a classic headphone jack you can plug in just an aux cord to a speaker which is pretty useful because like I said this is not the loudest speaker in the in the in the planet right.

If you have a separate speaker you plug it in suddenly this is a much more powerful device that can take any speaker and make it into essentially a smart speaker just by having this then on the bottom we have a usb type-a now this is a little strange because you think is that for like charging my phone or what is that and yes you can use it to charge your phone I don’t think that would be my primary purpose for this I think really the coolest thing to use that for is some of the accessories that you can get for the echo flex.

Final Verdict

There’s really only two big accessories that you probably are looking at at least at right now after one month of release but I imagine in the future there might be some more accessories that are kind of designed custom for this device now here I just have a little light they call it a nightlight it’s it’s set up as my first light that’s just what you know amazon decided to call it and so what you can do there is you can change the brightness of it so it can dim and you can also change the color of it you can have it turn on you know whenever it’s like nighttime.

It’s essentially just a nightlight changes colors kind of fun to have not that useful but I could see if you have kids or if you just want to have a nightlight in your hallway it could be kind of useful now the other accessory that I was talking about is a motion sensor so essentially if somebody’s in the room you can have it programmed so that it like turns your lights on or something or does something different right.

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